I was watching the Today Show this morning and saw something that really rocked me. They did a story about a man that was crossing the road and was hit by two different cars. The story and video is here.
What really rocked me was how nobody tried to help this man. They stood and gawked at him, cars passed around him, someone on a moped circled him but never once did anyone go to him and try to do anything. The two cars that hit him sped away. Although they did say that four people called 911.
It was blamed on it being a big town with no feeling of community. I don’t buy it. It is called being selfish and no respect for human life.

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  1. The only time that I have ‘left the scene’ is when I was taking my (then 4 year old) son to his grandmother’s house. I saw a woman run a stop sign a slam head-on into a cement truck. The only thing that I could think of was that I didn’t want my child to see at dead person if I could help it. Now I feel guilty as hell. I did go back after I dropped him off. Apparently the woman was so drunk that she only got a few bruises. And I got a summons to testify. He’s 28 now. I promise that I’ll stop next time!

  2. Now see, I can wrap my mind around that. I have often wondered what I would do in the same situation. What I don’t get are all those people walking around that man with no children present and not helping him at all.

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