Thinking Out Loud – Bad Verses Good

I have several questions that run around in my head for one reason or another. Last night as I was trying to go to sleep one popped into my head and I laid there trying to think it out and decide what my opinion was.
The question is: Can people that grow up in a bad lifestyle still live that lifestyle and be good people? An example of this is the mafia. They are born into a family that does some bad things, they participate but also do great things. I mean can you justify putting a hit on someone for stealing $5,000 from you by giving $10,000 to a local charity?
I go back and forth with it. Is it right to take a life while giving life to many? My first thought was no because that one life might have combined with you to double the good you could have done. Then my thoughts went to the fact that the person was probably a blight on humanity as it was so the person did the world two good services.
After I fell asleep last night I was haunted by nightmares of Gary. It’s the same concept as I talked about earlier but reversed. He was raised in a good family and turned out to do some good work but was an evil man. At home he was sadistic but in his professional life he was/is a paramedic. On one side he beat his wife and molested his daughter but tenderly cared for the wounds of another wife or daughter that suffered the same at their own home.
I don’t know maybe I’m comparing apples and oranges.
What do you think?

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  1. Personally, I think evil is evil. Unequivocally. If you do private evil, no amount of public good can make up for it.

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