The Tootsie Roll Saga

Remember my tootsie roll post? It’s ok if you don’t, I didn’t either.
I contacted the tootsie roll people the day I found the staple. They sent me an envelope and asked me to send it into them so they could investigate it. I’m not real sure how you investigate a tootsie roll but I mailed it to them so they could do their thing. Then I promptly forgot about it.
I was cleaning out my inbox Saturday and found an email they sent me after I reported it to them. I emailed them to ask what the investigation found. This is the reply I got back from them yesterday morning.
Jennifer, we received the sample. It was rejected by the metal detectors. We are looking into why and how it happened. We will be sending you some complimentary product for your trouble.
Thanks again.”

Is it weird that I am stoked to get free product from a company that I bought product with a staple in it?

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  1. My husband and son work for an orange juice company. If anybody sends an email or letter complaint, the company sends out a coupon for a free carton of juice. I wonder how long we could live by sending grumpy emails to all of the food companies?

  2. bt,dt – At first I thought this was a good plan but now I have to wonder would we really follow through with the emails after we found the addresses to send them to?

  3. Aye, there’s the downfall. You’d actually have to buy the product to get the email address.

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