My Memory Monday – My Mouth

There are a lot of times when my brain and my mouth don’t communicate well. Things just fly out of my mouth without asking for clearance.
One weekend was a complete party weekend. The kids were gone and my friend Robin and I were going out! My friend Robin and I went out Friday night and I stayed up the rest of the night playing darts. Darts are a downfall of mine. I love to play but I can’t play for very long because I put too much weight on my knee and it swells up. It didn’t deter me from going out dancing again on Saturday night.
By Sunday night both of my knees were swollen up pretty bad and I was having trouble walking. Dj came home from her dad’s and saw me limping. She asked me what happened to my knees this time.
Without any thought at all I simply said “Oh! I was on them all weekend!”
It took a lot of explaining to get myself out of that one.

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Just Keeping It Real

It started out innocent enough. I was just reading a blog and it linked to another blog. Before I knew it I clicked through to a dominant/submissive blog. It was written by the slave and I read a bit of it.
I have to say this, I love my husband with every ounce of my being but if he ever talked to me the way these dominants talk to their submissive, I would doe him in the fucking nose!

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Last Night Sucked Ass

This is Belle. She was our other dog. I say was because she died last night. She didn’t just die. Some one killed her while we were at work. She was tied up by our front door. I asked the neighbor if they saw anyone go to our house and she said no.
She said she left around lunch and Belle was sitting on the porch looking around but she didn’t notice her when she got back.
Some miserable fuck hit her in the head with a piece of wood and left it laying beside her.
The only thing we can think of is someone was trying to get into the house and she nailed them. All I can say for them is karma is a bitch and they better hope like hell the cops get them before Jeff does.
This was going to be a happy post introducing the rest of Bob’s family. Maybe tomorrow.
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This is Bob. He has been with Jeff for years. As soon as Jeff moved in with me, he became my dog. He loves to ride in the truck and pretty much goes everywhere with me.
Bob has the best temperament of any dog I have ever been around. He’s lazy like me and rarely barks, yet he is very protective of me.
The other day Jeff and I were wrestling around and I had a fly swatter in my hand. When I went to hit Jeff with it he blocked my hand and I ended up swinging it towards Bob. That dog jumped and yelped and started cowering down and wanted nothing to do with me for a few minutes.
It has me thinking. Who in the hell has hit my dog? I can’t imagine him giving anyone a reason to be abusive to him. He’s very gentle and doesn’t do confrontation.
All I can say is whoever hit him better hope I don’t find out about it or they will get a taste of their own medicine.

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About a year ago we were out working some cattle. The guys were trying to rope one and it was good at getting away. Then out of the blue one of them dropped. Dropped, as in it was dead. I was riding in the gator behind the guys. I looked down to do something and when I looked up this is what I saw. That is my husband giving mouth to mouth to a cow! And that cow isn’t me!
I guess I should say his mouth isn’t actully to the cow’s mouth, but it’s damn close enough!

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My Memory Monday – Bologna

I was 14 on the day of the great bologna incident.
My brother is a year older than me but has asthma so he was always smaller then me and not near as mean as I was. When I was younger I was a big bully and thought the word please should get me anything I wanted. If it didn’t I took it and I dared anyone to take it back.
Frank was eating a bologna sandwich. I didn’t even like bologna but decided I just had to have a bite of it. I asked nicely for a bite (even said please) and the fucker had the nerve to tell me no! So I took it and got a great big bite. He slapped me so I threw the sandwich at him. The bread flew off and the bologna slapped him right in the face. And it stuck! Time stood still as that damn piece of bologna finally peeled off his face.
I saw the look in his eyes and he meant business so I took off running for my bedroom; through the kitchen and down the hall. I ran onto my bed and made a circle and went back through the hall. (He never did learn to just stand in the door, he always followed me.) I got to the end of the hall and inspiration struck!
He was closing in on me so I reached out and opened the refrigerator door. He ran smooth into that door with a loud *BAM!*. Knocked his ass out cold!
He still didn’t learn. I had to fight him the next time I said please too.

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Son For Sale!

I have a shirt that I bought about two years ago. I’ve worn it maybe three times, then it just disappeared. I have torn my house up looking for it to no avail. Let me just say here that I love this shirt!

Last night I went to pick Dylan up after his week long stay at bible camp. This year someone made all the kids a dvd of the week. Dylan and I sat down on the couch to watch it and you will never believe what I saw about five minutes into the dvd.

That’s right! MY SHIRT! The little thief! If the shit was so damn cute I would call the cops on him!

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Bad Day

I woke up this morning pissed off and things have just went downhill from there. Since I can’t be nice I will just tell you how my husband finally got me back in a small way.

Last night I was sitting on his lap picking at him. I leaned up and licked his forehead. I sat back and said “Damn! Your all sweaty!” He told me his air conditioner was broke in his truck. Then he said “Well it works, it just won’t blow. Kinda like my wife!”

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My Husband

I have decided that if my husband is not up for sainthood he should be.
He was raised by his grandparents in what I would call the old way. He is very polite, opens doors for women, he says fuck a lot but I can not get him to call someone a bitch. Any sort of sex talk embarrasses him to no end. I derive much amusement from this. He is a workaholic, he can’t handle just sitting around the house doing nothing.
The other day we were in line to order our food and I kept picking at him. When he started picking back I told him that if he touched me again I would yell rape and the cop behind him would arrest him. He didn’t quit and I didn’t yell rape but I did get him pretty good when we ordered. Before we got up there he told me that I had to pay. I had my money ready and the order came to $18.07. I turned to him and said “Can you at least contribute 7 cents?” He got occupied with digging the change out of his pocket so I turned to the cashier and said “You have no idea what it’s like to be married to a bum that won’t work. He makes me pay for everything!” Poor Jeff’s jaw just dropped and the cashier had no clue what to say. I busted out laughing as Jeff is trying to convince her that I was lying.
If Jeff gets still at home that is my cue to start picking and poking at him. I was laying on the couch the other night and he came and laid beside me. He got still, I couldn’t handle it. His head was laying so that his bald spot was right at my face so I licked it. When he jumped to get me for it I couldn’t stop myself I had to stick my finger in his ear. When he went to block that another finger came at his nose. This is how it is every night.
Dj gives him just as much hell. Some times we even gang up on him. He takes every bit of what we throw at him and laughs about it. He does plot against us and has gotten several good licks in.
My point is, I am so thankful for the man I married and thankful that he has what it takes to survive my constant jumping about and picking. He endures my mood swings and takes it all in stride.
Thank you baby for putting up with me and for loving me just as I am.

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My Mom

I knew when I started sharing my past my mom would take a big hit. Mom made a lot of mistakes in her life. I’m not going to make any excuses for her behavior other then to say drugs and alcohol had a tight hold on her for those years she was married to Gary.
If you met our family out on the streets, you would have never guessed anything was wrong. People that came to our house would never have guessed anything was wrong. Hell, my brother grew up in the same house and barely knew anything was wrong. He remembers our childhood a lot different then I do. I have said it before and I will say it again, things were bad for me but no where near as bad as some people had it. It could have been worse. All our needs and most all of our wants were taken care. We were never dirty, always had nice clothes, and we never went without food. On the surface everything was great. I do have some good memories of those years. Right now the bad ones outweigh them as I attempt to work through the things I need to work through.
Everyone that met my mom loved her. She really was a good woman that made many mistakes raising us. Once she got away from Gary she even evolved into a good mom. Her and I got really close and there was nothing I couldn’t talk to her about but, there were a few things I wasn’t willing to talk to her about. I have forgiven her for the role she played in my downfall.
I used to blog at another place. When I made the decision to start talking about my past I moved the blog. My daughter read the other one and I didn’t want her to have to reconcile the grandmother she knew with the mother that I remember. She finally got it right when my kids were born and I had no fears about their safety and well being when they were left with her.
I will not ask you to be nice with your opinions of my mom when I post bad things. Your feelings about it are natural feelings and I understand that. But I am asking you to keep in mind when you read these things that I am showing you a small part of my life with her. The bad parts are out there right now but the good will come. I will also ask that you not be surprised when if I jump to her defense.

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