Because I’m Lazy

Where do you go when you need to just get away? Billie’s
Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yes
Have you ever thought about moving far away and starting all over? All the time
Who is the one person you can always turn to? Jeff
Have you ever won a raffle? Yes and almost got my ass kicked for it
Have you ever sang in front of a large audience? Way back in grade school
Favorite school field trip as a kid? Stone Mountain, Georgia
Have you ever square danced? Again way back in grade school
How far have you traveled up north? Pennsylvannia
How far south have you traveled? Orlando, Florida
What flavor do you like on your wings? I don’t eat wings
Who do you wake up for in the morning? Myself
Who is the last person you took a picture with? I think Dj
Do you think that Global Warming is happening? Yes
Have you or would you ever use and Ouija Board? Yes
Have you ever pretended you were happy around your friends but weren’t? Yes
Where would you most like to visit? Alaska
Do you think your ex still likes you? I don’t think my ex ever liked me
Describe you ex in three words: Big fat cheater
Have you ever had a pet fish? Yes
Have you ever been home sick? Yes
Who do you want to win the 2008 presidential election? Obama
Do you know the Soulja Boy dance? No
What is the craziest thing you’ve done with your best friend? Well I can’t really tell cause it was illegal.
Who do you think is the most attractive celebrity? Trace Adkins
When is the last time you went to Taco Bell? It’s been years
Have you ever licked a 9-volt battery? Oh yeah!
Have you ever ordered from an infomercial? I don’t watch them
Is there a message on your voice mail? No
Have you ever made a prank call before? Yes
What’s your favorite thing to do over the summer? Cooking out
How many jobs do you have? 2
Don’t you hate it when people smoke around you? Only if I don’t have any cigarettes
When was the saddest time in your life? When my parents passed away
What is your favorite type of skiing? Water
Who is your favorite family member and why? I don’t really have one but Dj says Dylan and Dylan says Dj
Do you like Chinese food? Hell no!
Would you ever be in the Peace Corps? Sure
Do you think you are better then everyone else? Not even close
Would you ever go on a camping trip without your cell phone? Not in this lifetime

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