Hospital Life – Take 2

This was Dj on one of her up moments last week. It’s not a real great picture but you can kind of tell how red her cheeks were from the fever. There were a few times I was really starting to worry about how sick she was. Things just kept piling on with every bit of blood work they did.

Her doctor is an older oriental man. He kept me and her laughing. He tried to talk to her as a doctor but also you could tell he was uneasy with saying somethings to a girl.

He discussed with her the importance of taking care of “pee pee problems” as soon as they occur. You can’t just wait around to make urine. He also told her the importance of making a poo regularly. On the day of her initial visit with him he asked her if she could “make urine” for him. When she said yes he handed her a medium sized styrofoam cup to pee in. Her eyes got huge and she told him “Ummm ok.”

I was so proud of her while she was in there. She didn’t get stupid with the nurses when they tried to do things with her and even after they would wake her up and take blood and vitals she would say thank you as they walked out the door. Several of the nurses commented that they wanted to keep her.

On Friday she woke up to her hand and arm being swollen. Her fingers looked like little sausages dangling from a balloon. They removed the IV and gave her a new toy.
She started telling everyone to beware of the fat hand. We fear the fat hand around the house. The swelling has finally started going down some. I sure am gonna miss the fat hand.
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