I was thinking about my writing the other day. I know I can write but I lack the want to most of the time. I want to make my blog a better read but I lack the passion it takes to really put much into it.
That thought alone has become something I analyze regularly. I can not say with any honesty that I am really passionate about anything. I obsessively do things for days on end then lose interest in it just as quickly as I started it. A good example of this would be my garden. One Sunday morning I decided I wanted some tomatoes and some peppers. (I don’t even eat peppers.) I talked to Jeff constantly about it all morning. He finally said lets go get some plants. We got home and dug up a little spot and planted them. I haven’t touched them since. Jeff does everything for it.
I tend to be so laid back most of the time I don’t care about a lot of things normal people care about. If my bills are behind I don’t sweat it. They will be there when I have the money to pay them. If people are talking shit about me, at first it hurts and I worry a bit about it but, for the most part I can shake it off and not think about it again.
I can’t figure it out. I don’t think I have commitment issues. I don’t think I have ADD. This can’t be a good thing, can it? I am going to commit myself to making sure I post every day for the next two weeks just to see if I can make myself care enough about anything to write something decent. (Babysteps)

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  1. It seems to me that that world needs ‘starters’ like us. I abandon projects as quickly as I started them. Where would the world be without the likes of us? I like to think that they would be lost in the land of sitting around thinking about getting started. The world needs us!

  2. I completely agree. I call for all starters to unite. We could have jackets and everything. If we can find a finisher to actually get them for us!

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