Hospital Life

Dj came home from her dad’s last Sunday and was sick. She went to school Monday because it was half a day but came home and went straight to the recliner and sat there sick. She woke me up about 3:30 in the morning asking for more meds. I went back and gave her some Nyquil thinking it would help with her fever and help her to sleep some. She woke up at 8 Tuesday morning and still had fever.
I called the doc and they could get her in at 10:15. She got ready and went to work with me. She was cold inside the building so she went to sit in the truck for awhile. When she finally came in about 9:15 her face was blood red and she was a bit woozy. We headed out early to the doctor’s appointment.
We were in the 10 minutes and they rushed us out the back door and straight into the hospital. We just got home this morning.
On top of a very severe kidney infection she had bronchitis and E Coli. (Thanks KFC!) It’s been a rough week with lots of antibiotics pumped into her. I will be posting about our stay in the hospital because there was some funny shit that happened!

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  1. Poor kid! Hope she’s feeling better now.

  2. She seems to be doing better. Still a little tired and drug out but for the most part she is a lot better. Thanks!

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