Five Thoughts And A Funny

  1. I have finally found a perk to living in a small town. I don’t have to prepay when I get gas. They know where I live.
  2. I had to work on Mother’s Day. (It was my own fault that happened.) When I got home from work my grass was mowed. I had no clue who did it but later that day my neighbor yelled Happy Mother’s Day! I mowed the grass for you.
  3. I get my new boss on Thursday. I’m not sure yet if that is good or bad.
  4. Last night Dj was sitting on one end of the couch and I was on the other end not paying her any attention. I heard her make a noise and she said “Excuse me”. Then she said something like I don’t know why I just said that I didn’t burp. So I felt it was my duty to say “Bless You!” She looked at me and said I didn’t sneeze either, I coughed. Yeah I was busted not paying her any attention.
  5. We are supposed to get one helluva storm tonight and I am tired of big storms. It needs to all go away.

Now would come the time that if you are a man and you are squeamish about “girl talk” you might want to quit reading. I wouldn’t normally post this kind of thing but it’s too damn funny not to.

A lot of Dj’s friends look to her for advice on many different things. If she can’t help them she will either ask me about it or have them talk to me. One such conversation took place yesterday. I will keep the girl’s name out of it.

The girl has acquired a yeast infection. She went to Wal Mart and bought the medicine for it but hadn’t read the directions yet. She started asking me questions about how to use it and all and this is how part of the conversation went.

Girl: So how do I do this?

Me: You fill the applicator and put it in you like a tampon. You do it every night before you go to bed.

Girl: (Has this shocked and scared look on her face) So I got to sleep with this plastic tube in me every night?

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