Leaps Of Faith

I have a few blogs that I regularly read. I never comment but I read daily. Then one day last week on one of them she talked about facing fears and pushing yourself to do the things you most fear. It set me to thinking.

I have a real fear of commenting to the blogs I read. I’m not sure what it is about it that scares me to death. Away from here in most any social setting I can talk to anyone. I have no problem putting myself out there and just meeting people. Why is it different here? At least online no one can reach out and bitch slap me for an off the wall comment I might make.

I posted a comment to that blog about my fear of commenting. She made me feel right at home there. I’ve made it a point to comment every day there ever since. (Granted it’s only been two days but it sounds better the other way.)

In facing my fears I realized that if I want to make friends here I have to step out of my box and meet people. I can’t expect people to seek me out and friend me. I’m going to start commenting on a post that I have a comment for. I might not become a regular but if I have something to add I will say it and if a friendship happens because I jumped out of my bubble then so much the better.

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