I’m Going To Die Tomorrow

Those are the words my child said to me last night before she went to bed. Then she had to get back out of bed and come explain to me just what the hell was her point in trying to give me heart failure just before bedtime.

There is a group of people that goes around from school to school trying to teach teens the dangers of drunk driving. The grim reaper comes to class every 30 minutes and pulls someone out. They are given a t-shirt to wear that says “I Died. Who’s Next?” Once you are dead you can NOT speak to anyone the rest of the day. (Thankfully she doesn’t die until later today so she won’t actually die from not talking.)

The whole thing creeped me out last night. All I wanted to do was hug her and I told her I love you twice before she went to bed after telling me. I guess that is the point of the whole thing. There is a play after everyone that is going to die has died. Dj will be covered in blood and be in an actual wrecked car. She has to tell her story or how she died. (She is freaking over that part.)

I’m pretty much over the whole weird feeling thing. I guess that is evident when she got out of the truck this morning and I told her “Have fun dying today!”

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