They Sit Up And Beg For Food Too

There are two men in my house on a regular basis. Jeff and a friend named Gerard. It’s a nightly ritual that Gerard comes over just to have a few beers and to eat with us. I don’t mind, it keeps Jeff entertained.

Dj has been like a mom to these two. She is constantly correcting them and trying to steer them in the right direction. I didn’t realize until the other night when she was gone just how good her steering is. (Or better yet just how much they fear her!)

The beer comes in big boxes. We all know this. For a long time the boxes were placed neatly by the trash for Dj or I to break down and actually put in the can. She finally decided enough was enough and told the guys they HAD to start doing this themselves or meet with her unending bitching and total disdain. The second thing she really works on them about is their use of the word Fuck. Now don’t get it wrong, she doesn’t mind one flying from time to time but it gets bad some nights. It started out that after they would say something that had a lot of fucks in it she would say “Well fuck!” (This is the only context that I condone her use of the word in front of me.) It stunned them a bit but they eventually quit hearing her. So now every time they say it she will yell Frig!!

They other night Dj stayed at a friend’s house. There was no one around to correct the guys so I figured it would be a hopeless night. They went after their beer. Gerard came back put the beer in the fridge and started breaking down the box. (I have to say here…it’s the first time he ever did that.)

The beer started flowing and so did the bullshit. Gerard starts telling a story and the inevitable happened. The word fuck flew. In the background I hear Jeff yell FRIG!!!

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