Better Late Then Never 10 Thoughts

I was very proud of myself a little while ago because I wrote out my thoughts and they actually sounded really good. I hit preview and spell check and promptly lost the whole damn post. I started to not do it again because I felt better after I did it the first time but in the interest of actually keeping a blog I figured I better type it up again. I know 10 thoughts were yesterday but I was busy so it’s happening now.

  1. I know KY Jelly has many uses other then sexual. But I saw a commercial for Yours and Mine and it’s pretty clear what it is intended for. What I want to know is do people really go to Wal Mart and buy it along with their Raisin Bran and Twinkies?
  2. I want a home computer again. I really miss the friendships that I used to be capable of maintaining and I miss the long conversations that I used to have. These 9 to 5 friendships just aren’t working for me.
  3. I went back to work at the trucking company I used to work for part time. I really love my job that I have now but found that I also missed working there as well.
  4. I have also finally taken the time to catch up on some blogs that I used to read. In doing so I realized AGAIN that my writing is crap. A few times I have struck gold with some things I have wrote but more often then not it is just pure crap. Even the day to day things that I write. But, It’s my crap.
  5. I have a blog that I have written a million times in my head. I want to put it here. For awhile now I have told myself that I haven’t written it because my daughter reads this sometimes. She knows most of the story so I’m not sure why I would be protecting her from it. I finally realized it was me that I was protecting but I will have to write it here so I can stop writing it in my head every night when I go to bed. It will happen sooner or later.
  6. I realized an odd fact the other night. I dream a lot and I remember most of my dreams. When I dream and there is a note or something I can not read it. I have tried hard to read in my dreams but I guess I just can’t and I find that very odd.
  7. After I figured out I can’t read in my dreams I tried to remember if I dream in black and white or in color. I can tell you if someone in my dream was wearing an orange shirt but I can’t say for sure that I actually saw that orange shirt. I wonder if I am color blind as well.
  8. My whole body aches now. I found out my yard is bigger then we originally thought it was. I borrowed a push mower from Robin and started mowing it Saturday. Jeff finished it up last night. It now sits and waits for us to mow it again. It is mocking us.
  9. I don’t remember what was my ninth and tenth thought.
  10. So now we have reached the end and I will make sure I copy this before I hit save this time.

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