Ten Thoughts

  1. Yesterday was our 1st anniversary! I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.
  2. Dj and I cleaned house all weekend. We were trying to get everything out of Dylan’s room so he can actually have a room.
  3. Dj got her prom dress Saturday. I can’t wait until this weekend when she gets all girled up and we get pictures. She looks so pretty in her dress.
  4. Our bathtub has become some sort of rodent mecca. Jeff found another mouse in it Sunday.
  5. We seem to have acquired a real mouse problem at our house. Two babies came out in the middle of the living room floor to play last night. Then went to the trap and sat down for a nice bite of cheese. Afterwards returning to their home unscathed. Pissed me off!
  6. We changed the sign on our door at work because people quit noticing it. It’s now a big blue one saying we can’t take bill payments. An older lady came in earlier and it really pissed her off that I wouldn’t take her payment. She yelled at me “If it was me I would put a sign on the door!” I just couldn’t help but say “Damn! I wish we had thought of that!”
  7. The same lady stuck her head back in the door and said “I’m gonna call Mr. Owner and tell him he shouldn’t be so damn cheap and get the computers fixed!” I seriously had a meltdown laughing. (That might be why she was so mad.) dunno
  8. I’m hungry and can’t wait for my nachos get here.
  9. The other day Jeff and I were wrestling. My wedding ring has kind of a sharp point to it. Somehow when he was turning his head it hooked up under his eyelid and got hung. After we realized he was going to keep his eye I couldn’t quit laughing about it.
  10. I started running out of things to say a little while ago. I’m glad I made it to ten.

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