I found this little guy on clearance at the grocery store. I didn’t buy him but I got a picture of him. He illustrates exactly how I feel today.
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Being Lazy

It’s time to get back to business here. Not entirely sure why I quit posting other then I just got lazy.

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Small Town Police

I was watching the news last night and I saw something that made me laugh but after I thought about it I got scared.

A year or so ago Billie and I were running around and we came through this small town. We were talking away and not paying much attention and she passed a cop. He pulled us over and was very nice. Asked us if we were going clubbing. We said no just going to dinner and a movie.

He gave her a ticket and then just started chatting with us. I worked with some of his cousins. Billie asked who the judge was in the town and he told her. She said “Oh I know who he is.” The cop asked her how and she said they did some work for him at her job. Which led to the question where do you work and she named the lawyer that she worked for.

Well Billie called in to see how much her ticket was and to make arrangements the judge told her the asshat cop had told him that Billie said she could get out of the ticket because she knew the judge real well or some such rot like that. So they really nailed her on the ticket.

Last night it was reported that the cop just got sentenced to 8 years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman that he pulled over on a traffic stop.

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