The Chronicles Of Creepy The End

Robin brought it to my attention that I didn’t tell you about the sympathy card. After my Dad died he gave me a card. It was a normal enough card but it was signed Love, Joseph and Mother. Kinda gave it the old Norman Bates feel. Add to that the fact that he lives in a back woods, butt end of no where kinda place.

He quit working here right after I gave him my letter. Robin, Jeff and I were talking the other night and because of this statement It’s just a shame that this tragedy had to happen when it did. we came to the conclusion that he did this to give me my space to grieve over my Dad. In his head I belonged to him so when he came back to work here in April he planned to pick up where he left off.
When he came back in to apply for the job I guess he didn’t notice the ring on my finger. He was playful and constantly picking at me. After he was here for another week or two I would come to work and his paperwork would be on my desk. Once his logs were in an envelope with my name and flower stickers all around it. Another time his logs were laid out like a little fan on my desk. It was about this time I noticed a little crystal frog that was on my desk went missing.

A couple weeks ago he came in the office and I was the only one here. I never heard him pull up or come in the door. I was in the middle office and I was here alone. (Normally that doesn’t happen. If they know he is coming here someone will be here with me.) He walked into that office and looked in the closet and made a comment about it being easy enough to stuff me in there and no one know I was there. I came back into the outer office for something and he kept popping me with rubber bands and snickering. Then the phone rang. I answered it and was standing there talking when he spotted my wedding ring. He came over and grabbed up my hand and inspected it then threw my hand back down by my side. He sat in a chair and just stared at me.

I went outside to smoke and he followed me and started asking me questions in a shitty way about meeting my husband and where he’s from and such. MFE finally showed up and all went right in my world again. I noticed that he wasn’t calling me for fuel anymore but I didn’t care. Then the day came when he called me for a fuel number and well you know the rest of that story.

This time around it really has me freaked out. I saw a truck like he drives parked near my house and about had a meltdown. Jeff checked it out and it wasn’t him. Oh and did I mention… he has shot a guy. It was self defense but he did it. AND he’s already been brought up on stalking charges by another local lady.

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  1. omg, I just got done getting caught up on all of your creep letters….ugh! i’m so glad that’s over with. what a looney tune!

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