The Chronicles Of Creepy Letter 4

I finally gave in and wrote him a letter one Friday. MFE and Billie both read it before I gave it to him and both agreed that it was very clear about what I wanted. At the end of this letter I will tell you what I wrote in my letter. He quit working here the following week and mailed this letter to me here at work.

Howdy* back at you sweetheart. You’ve certainly proven to be a hard little
philly to corral haven’t you sweetie. But I wouldn’t expect nothing less from
such a great gal.

Nonetheless I’m just crazy about you. Subsequently you will no doubt
make someone very happy if you ever decide to try again.

I really don’t know how to read suggestive writing and am no good at
taking a hint from someone, since I tend to be a straight forward talker. Your
letter was a bit confusing since it was neither here nor there although it was
pretty good writing and had at least a three fold suggestive tone.

I really loved receiving that letter from you it left hope there and a
bit of rejection too. Don’t worry about telling me what you think or how you
feel. You may hurt my feeling, yes, but I will never be mad at you. I want to
live for tomorrow not for yesterday. I’ve grown up and lived at this same spot
for thirty years and will be here waiting on a response from you. I really,
really, would like for you to write to me some more and correspond with you. I
love talking with you.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t have a postage stamp to send ya, this time.

The letter that I wrote him with the three fold suggestive tone stated almost exactly this: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciated it. I do not think you and I would work out because you are in a different place in your life then I am. I am happily single and do not want a man in my life at this time.

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