The Chronicles Of Creepy Letter 3

A little explanation for a couple things in this letter. When he talks about me crying he called me 10 minutes after my dad died. I didn’t recognize the number and thinking it was Dj I answered it. Then later in the letter he talks about the little J cut out I gave him. I have a sticky pad at work that is the letter J. Most people realize that the J stands for Jennifer.

Dear beautiful wonderful Jennifer. I’m glad that you like me. (I have no
clue where he got that from.) I certainly adore you sweetheart, your so lovely
and good to me. All that I have ever wanted was to take care of a girl like you
and to be with, to have and to cherish. bla, bla, bla, and all of those things
that make people happy. You certainly make me laugh there’s no doubt about that.
I love you so much Jennifer that I’ve fallen in love with you. That someday that
I might like you is here. I would like to help you and to be with you and I
would like a daughter and to be with her mommie. I wish that you needed me so
that I could be there for you. someday you might like me just a little more when
you see that I’m not a control freak. I wouldn’t hurt you Jennifer for nothing,
mentally or physically. Have fun and a good time go out with your friends but
come home to me baby.

Jennifer I will not play games with you and I will not be your friend
that is not what this is about. I’m too old for all of that nonsense friends
have a way of letting you down. I’m looking for a stable woman your age that is
experienced in marriage so that she can help me not to make the mistakes that
freak people up. I need a woman like you.

So there you have it no bones about it. I’ve put my heart out there for
you. I want to hook up with you so I can be with you and make a home with you.
Please answer this letter and say something to me. Okay.

Sweet Alabama girl. It broke my heart to hear you cry the last time we
spoke and I’ve been trying, but can’t get thru so I gave up. Is that what I
should do Jennifer? give up on you?

I’m so sorry for what you have gone through this past week, you seemed
so happy all week before and I really loved that little J cut out that you gave
me. It showed that you put some effort in to it. It’s just a shame that this
tragedy had to happen when it did.

In closing i will say that all of the little things that you do for me
or say to me doesn’t go unnoticed. I don’t take you or the work that you perform
for granted and I would like to thank you for talking to a customer for me now
and then and for making me copies when I ask for one, your a great sec and I’m
glad you came back and I got to meet you, no matter what happens between you and
I. I love you, but not friends.

P.S. Even though I have a hard time admitting it to myself you are a
friend. It’s just that sometimes friends come and go and that can be sad. can’t
it Jennifer. That’s all that I’m saying.

This letter had some homemade jelly and another rose with it.

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