The Chronicles of Creepy Letters 1 & 2

I can’t find the first note he wrote me. It was just a quick note that he handed me under his paperwork. Earlier in the week Joseph came by the office and the mechanic was fixing a flat tire on my car. The note he left me said something about if I ever needed anything or needed my tires fixed to give him a call and he gave me his phone number. He ended it with P.S. If you ever want to party grab a 6 pack of Michelob and head to Rufe. We will have a party for us.

Now the second letter came right after my Dad died. There was a sympathy card from him and his mother and some home made jelly. Keep in mind when reading this we STILL had not talked other then business calls. At the top of this letter for some reason there is an A-. I don’t know if he was grading his letter or what he was doing.

Dear Jennifer, sweet, beautiful, Alabama Jennifer. What would I
say to you, how would I say it. To tell another beautiful woman that I love her.
I’ve been hurt so many times by women I’ve grown a fear of it. That’s why I act
the way that I do. It’s not that I didn’t like you that I was trying to keep my
distance from you it’s just the opposite I love you but I can’t tell you
Nevertheless I detect by listening to you, and I do listen
to you Jenni, (Big Mistake! Calling me Jenni will earn you my undying disdain
quick!) that you’ve been not so happy with certain men in your life. If that’s
true I can’t blame you for that because I don’t like them either. (Most
Let me tell you a little about myself. I have no problem
expressing myself in writting and my feelings. It’s easier that way for me
because I have become comfortably numb. I just don’t go around acting larger
then life and I have a hard time talking to people because people let you
On the other hand Jennifer I like the way you are and how you are out-
spoken you make me laugh. You are liable to say anything, unexpected, at
I know that you need someone and that you are being strong,
you have really touched my heart and it’s starting to break all over

At the bottom of the letter he wrote FRAGILE HEART HANDLE WITH CARE.

This letter wasn’t so bad, other then the whole I love you thing. The next couple are the really freaky ones. But… you’ll have to wait for them.
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