The Chronicles of Creepy Part 1

To prepare you for the letters I will give you a little background. I came to work here in May of last year. He was already working here at the time. He would come in the office and hand in his paperwork and never speak to me, only to the bosses. This man is probably 6’4” and who knows how much he weighs. He is pure country. I don’t mean cowboy country I mean country country. He lives with his mother out in the sticks and takes care of her. I guess he’s a nice enough guy…just not my kinda guy.

After I had been here about a month MFE would leave me to answer the phones and dispatch the guys. Joseph would call in and just take care of business and get off the phone. He wouldn’t talk and bullshit like the other guys did. One day he called and asked for MFE and I said “What’s the deal? You don’t like talking to me?” We took care of the business at hand and before he hung up he said “I like you alright.”

A week or so later he came in to pick up a check. I just popped off something about signing it over to me so I could take myself to Wal Mart.

About thirty or forty minutes later he calls the office and asks to speak to me. I got on the phone and he said “Do you really need to go to Wal Mart? If you do I’ll come back and take you.” I just said no I was only playing. He called back again later and asked me if he could call me sometime and I told him I didn’t have a phone other then here at work.

Monday when I got to work there was a Wal Mart bag in my chair. In it there was a rose, an unsigned card, a small box of chocolates and a pre paid cell phone. MFE told me that he watched Joseph sneaking into the office the day before with a bag so we knew it had come from him.
I tried to give that phone back and he wouldn’t take it so I gave it to Dj. He started asking other drivers questions about me and called me every night. I never did answer his calls or if Dj accidentally answered it she would tell him I was gone or asleep.

And one more thing…he started calling me Baby all the time.

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