The Chronicles Of Creepy The End

Robin brought it to my attention that I didn’t tell you about the sympathy card. After my Dad died he gave me a card. It was a normal enough card but it was signed Love, Joseph and Mother. Kinda gave it the old Norman Bates feel. Add to that the fact that he lives in a back woods, butt end of no where kinda place.

He quit working here right after I gave him my letter. Robin, Jeff and I were talking the other night and because of this statement It’s just a shame that this tragedy had to happen when it did. we came to the conclusion that he did this to give me my space to grieve over my Dad. In his head I belonged to him so when he came back to work here in April he planned to pick up where he left off.
When he came back in to apply for the job I guess he didn’t notice the ring on my finger. He was playful and constantly picking at me. After he was here for another week or two I would come to work and his paperwork would be on my desk. Once his logs were in an envelope with my name and flower stickers all around it. Another time his logs were laid out like a little fan on my desk. It was about this time I noticed a little crystal frog that was on my desk went missing.

A couple weeks ago he came in the office and I was the only one here. I never heard him pull up or come in the door. I was in the middle office and I was here alone. (Normally that doesn’t happen. If they know he is coming here someone will be here with me.) He walked into that office and looked in the closet and made a comment about it being easy enough to stuff me in there and no one know I was there. I came back into the outer office for something and he kept popping me with rubber bands and snickering. Then the phone rang. I answered it and was standing there talking when he spotted my wedding ring. He came over and grabbed up my hand and inspected it then threw my hand back down by my side. He sat in a chair and just stared at me.

I went outside to smoke and he followed me and started asking me questions in a shitty way about meeting my husband and where he’s from and such. MFE finally showed up and all went right in my world again. I noticed that he wasn’t calling me for fuel anymore but I didn’t care. Then the day came when he called me for a fuel number and well you know the rest of that story.

This time around it really has me freaked out. I saw a truck like he drives parked near my house and about had a meltdown. Jeff checked it out and it wasn’t him. Oh and did I mention… he has shot a guy. It was self defense but he did it. AND he’s already been brought up on stalking charges by another local lady.

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The Chronicles Of Creepy Letter 4

I finally gave in and wrote him a letter one Friday. MFE and Billie both read it before I gave it to him and both agreed that it was very clear about what I wanted. At the end of this letter I will tell you what I wrote in my letter. He quit working here the following week and mailed this letter to me here at work.

Howdy* back at you sweetheart. You’ve certainly proven to be a hard little
philly to corral haven’t you sweetie. But I wouldn’t expect nothing less from
such a great gal.

Nonetheless I’m just crazy about you. Subsequently you will no doubt
make someone very happy if you ever decide to try again.

I really don’t know how to read suggestive writing and am no good at
taking a hint from someone, since I tend to be a straight forward talker. Your
letter was a bit confusing since it was neither here nor there although it was
pretty good writing and had at least a three fold suggestive tone.

I really loved receiving that letter from you it left hope there and a
bit of rejection too. Don’t worry about telling me what you think or how you
feel. You may hurt my feeling, yes, but I will never be mad at you. I want to
live for tomorrow not for yesterday. I’ve grown up and lived at this same spot
for thirty years and will be here waiting on a response from you. I really,
really, would like for you to write to me some more and correspond with you. I
love talking with you.

P.S. Sorry I didn’t have a postage stamp to send ya, this time.

The letter that I wrote him with the three fold suggestive tone stated almost exactly this: Thank you for everything you have done for me. I really appreciated it. I do not think you and I would work out because you are in a different place in your life then I am. I am happily single and do not want a man in my life at this time.

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The Chronicles Of Creepy Letter 3

A little explanation for a couple things in this letter. When he talks about me crying he called me 10 minutes after my dad died. I didn’t recognize the number and thinking it was Dj I answered it. Then later in the letter he talks about the little J cut out I gave him. I have a sticky pad at work that is the letter J. Most people realize that the J stands for Jennifer.

Dear beautiful wonderful Jennifer. I’m glad that you like me. (I have no
clue where he got that from.) I certainly adore you sweetheart, your so lovely
and good to me. All that I have ever wanted was to take care of a girl like you
and to be with, to have and to cherish. bla, bla, bla, and all of those things
that make people happy. You certainly make me laugh there’s no doubt about that.
I love you so much Jennifer that I’ve fallen in love with you. That someday that
I might like you is here. I would like to help you and to be with you and I
would like a daughter and to be with her mommie. I wish that you needed me so
that I could be there for you. someday you might like me just a little more when
you see that I’m not a control freak. I wouldn’t hurt you Jennifer for nothing,
mentally or physically. Have fun and a good time go out with your friends but
come home to me baby.

Jennifer I will not play games with you and I will not be your friend
that is not what this is about. I’m too old for all of that nonsense friends
have a way of letting you down. I’m looking for a stable woman your age that is
experienced in marriage so that she can help me not to make the mistakes that
freak people up. I need a woman like you.

So there you have it no bones about it. I’ve put my heart out there for
you. I want to hook up with you so I can be with you and make a home with you.
Please answer this letter and say something to me. Okay.

Sweet Alabama girl. It broke my heart to hear you cry the last time we
spoke and I’ve been trying, but can’t get thru so I gave up. Is that what I
should do Jennifer? give up on you?

I’m so sorry for what you have gone through this past week, you seemed
so happy all week before and I really loved that little J cut out that you gave
me. It showed that you put some effort in to it. It’s just a shame that this
tragedy had to happen when it did.

In closing i will say that all of the little things that you do for me
or say to me doesn’t go unnoticed. I don’t take you or the work that you perform
for granted and I would like to thank you for talking to a customer for me now
and then and for making me copies when I ask for one, your a great sec and I’m
glad you came back and I got to meet you, no matter what happens between you and
I. I love you, but not friends.

P.S. Even though I have a hard time admitting it to myself you are a
friend. It’s just that sometimes friends come and go and that can be sad. can’t
it Jennifer. That’s all that I’m saying.

This letter had some homemade jelly and another rose with it.

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The Chronicles of Creepy Letters 1 & 2

I can’t find the first note he wrote me. It was just a quick note that he handed me under his paperwork. Earlier in the week Joseph came by the office and the mechanic was fixing a flat tire on my car. The note he left me said something about if I ever needed anything or needed my tires fixed to give him a call and he gave me his phone number. He ended it with P.S. If you ever want to party grab a 6 pack of Michelob and head to Rufe. We will have a party for us.

Now the second letter came right after my Dad died. There was a sympathy card from him and his mother and some home made jelly. Keep in mind when reading this we STILL had not talked other then business calls. At the top of this letter for some reason there is an A-. I don’t know if he was grading his letter or what he was doing.

Dear Jennifer, sweet, beautiful, Alabama Jennifer. What would I
say to you, how would I say it. To tell another beautiful woman that I love her.
I’ve been hurt so many times by women I’ve grown a fear of it. That’s why I act
the way that I do. It’s not that I didn’t like you that I was trying to keep my
distance from you it’s just the opposite I love you but I can’t tell you
Nevertheless I detect by listening to you, and I do listen
to you Jenni, (Big Mistake! Calling me Jenni will earn you my undying disdain
quick!) that you’ve been not so happy with certain men in your life. If that’s
true I can’t blame you for that because I don’t like them either. (Most
Let me tell you a little about myself. I have no problem
expressing myself in writting and my feelings. It’s easier that way for me
because I have become comfortably numb. I just don’t go around acting larger
then life and I have a hard time talking to people because people let you
On the other hand Jennifer I like the way you are and how you are out-
spoken you make me laugh. You are liable to say anything, unexpected, at
I know that you need someone and that you are being strong,
you have really touched my heart and it’s starting to break all over

At the bottom of the letter he wrote FRAGILE HEART HANDLE WITH CARE.

This letter wasn’t so bad, other then the whole I love you thing. The next couple are the really freaky ones. But… you’ll have to wait for them.
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The Chronicles of Creepy Part 1

To prepare you for the letters I will give you a little background. I came to work here in May of last year. He was already working here at the time. He would come in the office and hand in his paperwork and never speak to me, only to the bosses. This man is probably 6’4” and who knows how much he weighs. He is pure country. I don’t mean cowboy country I mean country country. He lives with his mother out in the sticks and takes care of her. I guess he’s a nice enough guy…just not my kinda guy.

After I had been here about a month MFE would leave me to answer the phones and dispatch the guys. Joseph would call in and just take care of business and get off the phone. He wouldn’t talk and bullshit like the other guys did. One day he called and asked for MFE and I said “What’s the deal? You don’t like talking to me?” We took care of the business at hand and before he hung up he said “I like you alright.”

A week or so later he came in to pick up a check. I just popped off something about signing it over to me so I could take myself to Wal Mart.

About thirty or forty minutes later he calls the office and asks to speak to me. I got on the phone and he said “Do you really need to go to Wal Mart? If you do I’ll come back and take you.” I just said no I was only playing. He called back again later and asked me if he could call me sometime and I told him I didn’t have a phone other then here at work.

Monday when I got to work there was a Wal Mart bag in my chair. In it there was a rose, an unsigned card, a small box of chocolates and a pre paid cell phone. MFE told me that he watched Joseph sneaking into the office the day before with a bag so we knew it had come from him.
I tried to give that phone back and he wouldn’t take it so I gave it to Dj. He started asking other drivers questions about me and called me every night. I never did answer his calls or if Dj accidentally answered it she would tell him I was gone or asleep.

And one more thing…he started calling me Baby all the time.

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Giggle And Bitch

I finally got my husband back this morning for all my early mornings. My husband is a work – a – holic. If the boss says be there at 7 we are there between 6 and 6:30… IN THE A.M. PEOPLE!!! I don’t have to be at work until 8 or 9. We have one vehicle so I have to get up and come to work early.

Yesterday morning Jeff and Dj got up to go to work at 3 A.M. They got home bout 10 then we went back for a Fourth of July party in which there was much drinking. We got in bed just after midnight. The boss told Jeff and Dj to be at work at 10 A.M. today. I had to be here at 8. As I was dropping them off at work (they were tired and hung over) I just laughed and said payback’s a bitch ain’t it!

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about my stalker on here before but I had one for a while last year. He quit working here right after I shut him down and told him I wouldn’t go out with him. A few months later I married Jeff and right after he came back to work here. Two weeks ago he saw my wedding ring for the first time. He just called me today to get a fuel number. I gave him the number and he said “Thank you Bitch!” and then hung up on me.

Maybe next week I will dig out all the creepy letters he wrote me and type them up for your viewing pleasure.

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