Self Mutilation

I came to a realization yesterday. I will never be a tight rope walker. At first I was somewhat sad but then I realized I don’t like heights so it’s not really a big deal after all.

We were working some cows yesterday and had to leave a gate open for them to get into their pen. The problem was their pen happened to be one that opened up into the big pen in which we were all standing. There had been two worked already and they were about to join us back in the big pen so I walked around boards that are on the sides of the pen to run them back in there.

The first cow bolted and went where she was supposed to go but the second took it as a challenge. She came straight for me. I pretty much had no where to go; either right in front of her or into the pen with all the other mad cows. I jumped up just as her nose hit my foot and got on top of the fence around the pen and she came running out after everyone else.

This cow went after everyone. She was pissed and she didn’t care who she took it out on. My mom instincts were in full motion. My daughter was also in that pen and I kept inching her to safer place in the pen but that nut only wanted me to get out of her way so she could watch this cow go at all the other guys.

She finally goes back to her place and all the others are taken care of but one. I get up on my board and go to run her into the chute. That worked out fine and as I turned to get off of my board I missed with one foot and fell. One leg hit the ground, the other bent and took the full force of my body weight on my knee. It created a big scrape and a huge knot just under my knee cap. By the end of the night my leg was swollen from my knee to the tips of my toes. I have a spot on my foot where it was so swollen my flip flop was cutting into me.

Right after this happened it started to rain. I ran out to roll the windows up on the truck and rolled part of my hair up in the window as well and pulled out a nice chunk. I went back, sat down and had a couple beers in an attempt to not feel the pain if I should hurt myself again.

But that’s not all, my friends, there is more! When we got home I was shutting the door of the truck and didn’t realize I was standing that close to it and as it swung shut it hit me right smack in my already sore knee!

I am currently taking bubble wrap donations.

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