The Nose Knows

I haven’t been around much in the past week. I’ve been either running around or sitting on my ass at home crocheting. For your reading torture I give you my rambling thoughts on the past week or so.

Wednesday was a cattle round up day. I got on the horse and followed the guys out like I knew what I was doing. I was a bit more comfortable with the horse this time and was even able to help round up a couple stray cows. By the end of the day one of the guys that was there (the guy that owned the cows) saw that I crocheted. He offered me $200 to design and crochet a big blanket with his company name and brand on it. I have it designed and started working on it Thursday.

For the past several weeks my family has been a pain in the ass to Robin. She is a great friend and I don’t know what I would do without her. We haven’t had a vehicle and she has been so great in letting us use her car or running us here and there no matter what time it was. I am very relieved that I don’t have to put her out anymore (Rob you can say it wasn’t putting you out all you want but we both know it was a pain in your ass on a couple different levels.) because on Thursday we got a truck! I love this truck! It will get me many tickets!

Jeff was home all day yesterday. It was a rare day off for him. We fussed and picked at each other all day. At one point, he got up to get some more tea. I jumped up and started fighting him for the cup so I could get it for him. The wrestling match moved into the kitchen. We were standing in front of the fridge fighting for this cup. Dillon and Dylan followed us in to watch things unfold and to figure out what we were fighting over. (The story that was given, which will come in handy in a minute, was they thought there was a beer in the freezer that we were fighting over.) Anyway, I had the cup and turned my back to Jeff. He was reaching around me to get it from me. Then all went black. Dillon had opened the freezer door to get the beer he thought we were fighting over. When he opened it he hit me square in the face, which made my head go back and pop Jeff in the cheek. My lip and nose started swelling and Jeff’s eye started swelling.

We recovered from that and later decided it was time to go to bed. We got in there and once again I wasn’t really sleepy so I started picking at Jeff. He doesn’t really get too rough with me so his only defense is to tickle me. He reached out to tickle me and I went to grab his hand and started in for my attack. It was dark. There were more miscalculations and he ended up popping me in the nose!

After everything settled down again, I reached over to kiss him on the top of his head and he moved thinking I was attacking again and I got head butted right in the nose again! This morning I woke up and my nose is slightly swollen across the top of it and there is a faint black line running just under my right eye. I don’t think it is broken but it feels really stopped up and is a bit tender. I think tonight I will get an elbow pad and strap around my head to keep my poor nose safe from any harm that is waiting to befall it!

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