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The other night was weird in my house. I was in an ornery mood and poor Jeff was the only victim person in the house besides me. I aggravated the shit out of him for most of the evening and well past bedtime. At one point he decided turn about was fair play but it did not work out well for him.
He likes to hide and jump out and scare the piss out of me. He disappeared down the hall and after about 5 minutes or so I went to look for him. He wasn’t in the bathroom and he wasn’t in our bedroom. I looked over at my daughter’s room and notice her door is open. I walk in and pounce Jeff who is hiding behind the door. He goes to run out of the room after he pushed me down on her bed and ran smooth into some beads she has hanging in front of her door. He takes one right in the eye.
Bedtime was finally declared and we head off to our room. I’m not sleepy and since he is the only other victim person in the room I start in again. This leads to a wrestling match of sorts. (Minds out of the gutter people.) Robin had been having a bad night so I was also texting back and forth with her. The girl had my back. Every time he got the better of me she would text forcing him to relinquish his hold and let me text her back.
Then the inevitable happened and Robin decided to go to sleep. Jeff got me pinned down with my hands held above my head and he was sitting on me about to start tickling me. The only thing that I could move was my head so I started licking his hands trying to get him to turn loose. It didn’t work. I got a genius idea and decided to lick his cheek forcing him to have to let my hands go so he could wipe it off. Yeah, it was dark and I miscalculated the distance his head was from mine. When I stuck my tongue out to lick his cheek I nailed him right in the eye with my tongue ring!

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