Harmful Birth Control

I was talking on IM yesterday with a friend and I don’t remember how we got there but we ended up on this website. We read for a little while about how contraception is harmful to you. We laughed at some of the points that was made and made counterpoints to each we read.

Years ago my son dated a Catholic girl. Just before she started dating him, her sister and her were on the pill. About a month in her mom took her off the pill but allowed her sister to remain on it. She told my son that it was because their faith didn’t believe in the pill. I thought maybe it was a weird twist to their faith that it’s ok for the young not sexually active daughter to be on the pill. I figure it all boiled down to if older daughter got knocked up then she would be married off to my son and out of her hair. The girl was 16.

This started a conversation with my husband last night that I never saw coming.
1. Birth control is harmful because it hinders honest and open communication.
2. It fosters disrespect for one’s spouse.
3. It turns the “I do” of the wedding vows into an “I do not.”
4. It does not honor the purpose of sex.

I decided to mess with my husband a bit and just out of the blue I said, “I was unaware until now that you don’t respect me at all.” He looked like I had just slapped him! I told him about the website and those four things up there. He quickly informed me that he has the deepest respect for me and he disagrees with that part but does agree with this part: Birth control is harmful because it does not respect the Creator’s purpose for our bodies and our sexuality. I asked him if he wants me to throw my pills away? The man turned and looked me dead in the eyes and said “I don’t care. I ain’t skeered!”

After I picked myself up off the floor we talked awhile longer and it was decided that Jennifer will NOT be coming off the pill anytime soon. See, we disproved at least two of the four last night. We do respect each other and we had an open and honest discussion about the website. Well I guess if you want the TMI we disproved all four last night.

2 Points for us pill poppers!

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