I Did It!

Last Sunday started out innocent enough for me. I sat out in the middle of a hay field crocheting while I watched everyone bale hay. Around 4 Jeff came to me and said there was some cattle headed in and could I go to the barn and help out however I can until they got done there. I told him sure and headed that way.
They were all back by the time the cattle got there so once again I figured incorrectly that I would just sit back and watch the things going on. Jeff put me in position to help lead the cattle to the chute. This time I was given a hot shot and told to stick it to them if they got out of hand. But, this really isn’t what I wanted to talk about. The best part of the night happened after the cattle were all taken care of.
I was standing around talking to someone and Jeff handed me his horse. I popped off that Jeff would shit if I just hopped up on that horse and rode him around to where he was. Before I knew it she told Jeff that I wanted to ride. He said “I’m tired of hearing that get up on this horse!” Since I am all about the blind trust thing I knock back my beer, put my cigarette out and hop up on the horse!!
Jeff took me out to a pen and led me around for awhile. He let go for a little while until I asked him get a hold of the horse again so I could get off. I rode for about ten minutes until my nerves started to get the better of me. The horse I rode was the one from the other day. I felt him and I had a bit of an understanding going on and he has taken a few commands from me without hesitating. I figured all was cool with it. AFTER I get off of him I was told by two people: “I can’t believe you rode that horse, he is the bucking king around here!”
I learned one valuable lesson from getting up on that horse:
Jennifer + Riding horse = Husband turned on big time!

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  1. he he he

    good for you (& for husband)

  2. LOL Thanks!

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