This Will Piss Some People Off

I was watching a movie last night and part of the plot dealt with a man and woman getting a divorce. The man was a good father and really loved his son. The woman was a bitch and took the boy and pretty much ran off giving the man no access to his son. It sparked a massive fire within me. I understand that sometimes there are safety issues and you have to keep your child away from their parent. This is not what I want to bitch about today.
What pisses me off are those women out there that use their children to hurt their ex. I don’t get it at all. Do you not realize that you are not just hurting their father? You are hurting the very little person you swear you would die for to keep them from being hurt!
Oh I get it. He didn’t make his child support payment so he don’t get to see his child. You do realize this child isn’t a car or house that you can just reposes or foreclose on for failure to make payment? You do realize that you are just as much in contempt of court as the father for not making those payments? My ex hasn’t been paying his child support. He gets his kids every other weekend like clockwork and as a matter of fact he has pretty much anytime he wants because he wants to spend some more time with them. The money issue is dealt with between me and him. I would never use my children as a pawn against their dad. I have a friend that her ex is what you would call a dead beat dad. He has never paid child support and only comes around a couple times a year. But her daughter gets to visit with him every time he comes around because no matter what he is still her dad and she loves him.
You won’t let him see the kids because he was a jackass to you? Umm so what as long as he is treating his kids right. This isn’t rocket science, make him pay for being a jackass in other ways.
I guess what I am trying to say is one day these kids are going to grow up and realize just exactly what happened when they were little. Do you want your children mad at you or the jackass that you hate so much?

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  1. I love this post! My husband and I made a pact before we married that if we ever divorced and had kids, no matter how much we hated each other to NEVER use the kids. We haven’t divorced and aren’t planning on it any time soon but I feel relieved that my kids are safe from such tactics no matter what happens in the future.

    you are a good woman

  2. Thank you for that!
    My ex and I don’t agree on many things but we have always been able to come to some kind of agreement where the kids are concerned. I don’t understand why more parents don’t realize it just hurts the kids!

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