I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a fear of horses. I haven’t always been scared of them. I used to ride a lot and I loved doing it. My fear doesn’t run so deep that I can’t be around them but I do prefer a fence to be in between us.
The last time I rode was a little over 16 years ago. (That’s not entirely true. I realized my fear a few years ago when I got up on our horse and started to panic and had to get off of it real quick.) I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. My friend and I had been riding and we came to a road we had to cross. The horse didn’t want to cross and started acting up. I went ahead and made the horse cross the road because I knew if it didn’t he would know he could get the best of me.
As soon as we got across the road I realized that at anytime this horse could throw me off and I could hurt my baby or lose it. I got the horse to cross back over and we headed straight back to the house and that was the last time I rode.
I have talked to several people (no professionals) about my fear and all have concluded the same thing. I have subconsciously decided that if I get on a horse it could hurt my daughter. I have no real problem with either of my children riding, above the normal mom fears. I love watching them ride, but hate the thought of me doing it.
I want to start riding again, if for no other reason then I can spend more time with my husband. He has started the process of getting me used to being up close and personal with them. I didn’t know he had done that until I laid down the other night and thought about it. He knew what he was doing when he handed me those reins. There was no fence between us and he knew if he asked me to do something and didn’t make a big production out of it before hand I would just not think and do what he asked. It worked. I held those reins a couple times and the horse and I had that discussion about toe sniffing. I even made him back up when he got too close.
* Note to self: Watch out for husband…he is tricky!

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