Down On The Farm

I’ve never really had any dealings with cowboys. Sure I knew they rode horses, worked cattle and did all those cowboy things you see in the movies. I figured when we got married he would go off with all his little cowboy friends and do whatever it is that they do. I wasn’t quite sure what my roll would be other then to accompany him from time to time to offer moral support or to catch a glimpse of him on his horse doing his thing. (Hell it was seeing him on a horse that got me hooked in the first place.)
Last evening started off innocent enough. We did our normal thing after work and went to feed. I walked around to talk to some folks that were there and next thing I know Jeff is telling me he has to saddle a horse and help load up some bulls. No big deal I had no other plans. The guys get loaded up and I am informed that I can ride along with another woman to go watch the happenings. The bulls get loaded and we head back to the barn. In my mind for some odd reason it was just a matter of the bulls wanted to go for a ride or some such shit. It never quite dawned on me that there would be work to do after the bulls were loaded up.
Well, they unload the bulls and get them into the pens. I pulled up a patch of grass and copped a squat. Jeff took his position on his horse and runs the first one to the chute. The other guys are working the bull and Jeff so sweetly says “Baby can you come here? I need you to do me a favor.” I’m thinking he needs a beer or something. Yeah! I thought way wrong!
He takes me into the pen and puts me up on this side rail and shows me how to open a gate to let the bull into the chute. He says “Open it and squat down so he can’t see you.” (I guess this is a good time to explain…I have a weird fear of horses but I think creatures of the bovine persuasion are cute and cuddly.) The bull goes to where he is supposed to and next thing I know Jeff is handing me the reins to his horse and says “Hold him for just a minute.” Now this puts me in between a horse and a bull.
The bull is being nice and quiet and all cute and shit. The horse is steady trying to hop off in my personal bubble and sniff my toes. Him and I have a nice long talk about personal space and him staying in his and me staying in mine. Jeff finally comes back to retrieve his toe sniffing horse. I figure it’s time for me to get down and go back to my grass patch. I thought wrong again. It’s time to let another bull thru.
I sit back and watch and get my innards all squishy watching Jeff ride and run these bulls around to where they each need to be. For the most part the first bull did exactly what he was meant to do and that was to go thru to the pen right in front of him. The second bull gets worked and we get the third one ready to go. They release the second bull and he has other ideas. He is supposed to go straight into the next pen but takes a right turn. (For the sake of a visual I am in an open pen with a fence between me and all the animals except the horse and the bull when he is released.) When this bull turns right…he turned right in front of me in the open part of the pen that I am standing in! Actually it was no biggie, Jeff was there to turn him back around and away from me and well with my lightening quick reflexes I was already on the run for cover.
Finally the last bull is worked and I can get my ass out away from the horse and all the commotion and get back to my little grass patch. I really did enjoy myself playing around in there last night acting like I was doing something important instead of just watching my husband do his thing. The best part of the whole night was watching him do his thing and seeing how good he was at it and seeing the look of pure bliss on his face because he was doing his second favorite thing in the world. (The first thing he loves to do? Me!)

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