More Random…Again

I have been wanting to get back to crocheting for charity. I can’t find one that really seems to click for me. Most seem like you have to put a lot of effort into it and frankly if I have to put in a lot of effort I lose interest in it and won’t complete it. I’ll keep looking and sooner or later I will find one. Until then Billie and I have just decided to make some things when we can and donate to the local hospital.
I am wondering how it is possible that cannibals live in tribes. They must be pretty loyal because it seems to me that if I was a cannibal and I was hungry I would pretty much eat whoever came along next.
At my daughter’s school they offer summer driver’s ed. They also offer it during the school year. If you take it in the summer then you have to pay for it. I don’t get parents that pay for it instead of making them take it as a FREE school course and then don’t make them go. My daughter’s group was scheduled to drive today. She is the only one that showed up. I don’t care if she is scheduled to drive at 3 AM we are gonna get our money’s worth out of it.

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I Wonder…

Does Polygamy go both ways? I mean have you ever heard of a woman having many husbands and they have a communal thing going on?

Has anyone ever died because they were bludgeoned to death with a stick of salami?

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I Did It!

Last Sunday started out innocent enough for me. I sat out in the middle of a hay field crocheting while I watched everyone bale hay. Around 4 Jeff came to me and said there was some cattle headed in and could I go to the barn and help out however I can until they got done there. I told him sure and headed that way.
They were all back by the time the cattle got there so once again I figured incorrectly that I would just sit back and watch the things going on. Jeff put me in position to help lead the cattle to the chute. This time I was given a hot shot and told to stick it to them if they got out of hand. But, this really isn’t what I wanted to talk about. The best part of the night happened after the cattle were all taken care of.
I was standing around talking to someone and Jeff handed me his horse. I popped off that Jeff would shit if I just hopped up on that horse and rode him around to where he was. Before I knew it she told Jeff that I wanted to ride. He said “I’m tired of hearing that get up on this horse!” Since I am all about the blind trust thing I knock back my beer, put my cigarette out and hop up on the horse!!
Jeff took me out to a pen and led me around for awhile. He let go for a little while until I asked him get a hold of the horse again so I could get off. I rode for about ten minutes until my nerves started to get the better of me. The horse I rode was the one from the other day. I felt him and I had a bit of an understanding going on and he has taken a few commands from me without hesitating. I figured all was cool with it. AFTER I get off of him I was told by two people: “I can’t believe you rode that horse, he is the bucking king around here!”
I learned one valuable lesson from getting up on that horse:
Jennifer + Riding horse = Husband turned on big time!

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This Will Piss Some People Off

I was watching a movie last night and part of the plot dealt with a man and woman getting a divorce. The man was a good father and really loved his son. The woman was a bitch and took the boy and pretty much ran off giving the man no access to his son. It sparked a massive fire within me. I understand that sometimes there are safety issues and you have to keep your child away from their parent. This is not what I want to bitch about today.
What pisses me off are those women out there that use their children to hurt their ex. I don’t get it at all. Do you not realize that you are not just hurting their father? You are hurting the very little person you swear you would die for to keep them from being hurt!
Oh I get it. He didn’t make his child support payment so he don’t get to see his child. You do realize this child isn’t a car or house that you can just reposes or foreclose on for failure to make payment? You do realize that you are just as much in contempt of court as the father for not making those payments? My ex hasn’t been paying his child support. He gets his kids every other weekend like clockwork and as a matter of fact he has pretty much anytime he wants because he wants to spend some more time with them. The money issue is dealt with between me and him. I would never use my children as a pawn against their dad. I have a friend that her ex is what you would call a dead beat dad. He has never paid child support and only comes around a couple times a year. But her daughter gets to visit with him every time he comes around because no matter what he is still her dad and she loves him.
You won’t let him see the kids because he was a jackass to you? Umm so what as long as he is treating his kids right. This isn’t rocket science, make him pay for being a jackass in other ways.
I guess what I am trying to say is one day these kids are going to grow up and realize just exactly what happened when they were little. Do you want your children mad at you or the jackass that you hate so much?

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I mentioned in my post yesterday that I have a fear of horses. I haven’t always been scared of them. I used to ride a lot and I loved doing it. My fear doesn’t run so deep that I can’t be around them but I do prefer a fence to be in between us.
The last time I rode was a little over 16 years ago. (That’s not entirely true. I realized my fear a few years ago when I got up on our horse and started to panic and had to get off of it real quick.) I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. My friend and I had been riding and we came to a road we had to cross. The horse didn’t want to cross and started acting up. I went ahead and made the horse cross the road because I knew if it didn’t he would know he could get the best of me.
As soon as we got across the road I realized that at anytime this horse could throw me off and I could hurt my baby or lose it. I got the horse to cross back over and we headed straight back to the house and that was the last time I rode.
I have talked to several people (no professionals) about my fear and all have concluded the same thing. I have subconsciously decided that if I get on a horse it could hurt my daughter. I have no real problem with either of my children riding, above the normal mom fears. I love watching them ride, but hate the thought of me doing it.
I want to start riding again, if for no other reason then I can spend more time with my husband. He has started the process of getting me used to being up close and personal with them. I didn’t know he had done that until I laid down the other night and thought about it. He knew what he was doing when he handed me those reins. There was no fence between us and he knew if he asked me to do something and didn’t make a big production out of it before hand I would just not think and do what he asked. It worked. I held those reins a couple times and the horse and I had that discussion about toe sniffing. I even made him back up when he got too close.
* Note to self: Watch out for husband…he is tricky!

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Down On The Farm

I’ve never really had any dealings with cowboys. Sure I knew they rode horses, worked cattle and did all those cowboy things you see in the movies. I figured when we got married he would go off with all his little cowboy friends and do whatever it is that they do. I wasn’t quite sure what my roll would be other then to accompany him from time to time to offer moral support or to catch a glimpse of him on his horse doing his thing. (Hell it was seeing him on a horse that got me hooked in the first place.)
Last evening started off innocent enough. We did our normal thing after work and went to feed. I walked around to talk to some folks that were there and next thing I know Jeff is telling me he has to saddle a horse and help load up some bulls. No big deal I had no other plans. The guys get loaded up and I am informed that I can ride along with another woman to go watch the happenings. The bulls get loaded and we head back to the barn. In my mind for some odd reason it was just a matter of the bulls wanted to go for a ride or some such shit. It never quite dawned on me that there would be work to do after the bulls were loaded up.
Well, they unload the bulls and get them into the pens. I pulled up a patch of grass and copped a squat. Jeff took his position on his horse and runs the first one to the chute. The other guys are working the bull and Jeff so sweetly says “Baby can you come here? I need you to do me a favor.” I’m thinking he needs a beer or something. Yeah! I thought way wrong!
He takes me into the pen and puts me up on this side rail and shows me how to open a gate to let the bull into the chute. He says “Open it and squat down so he can’t see you.” (I guess this is a good time to explain…I have a weird fear of horses but I think creatures of the bovine persuasion are cute and cuddly.) The bull goes to where he is supposed to and next thing I know Jeff is handing me the reins to his horse and says “Hold him for just a minute.” Now this puts me in between a horse and a bull.
The bull is being nice and quiet and all cute and shit. The horse is steady trying to hop off in my personal bubble and sniff my toes. Him and I have a nice long talk about personal space and him staying in his and me staying in mine. Jeff finally comes back to retrieve his toe sniffing horse. I figure it’s time for me to get down and go back to my grass patch. I thought wrong again. It’s time to let another bull thru.
I sit back and watch and get my innards all squishy watching Jeff ride and run these bulls around to where they each need to be. For the most part the first bull did exactly what he was meant to do and that was to go thru to the pen right in front of him. The second bull gets worked and we get the third one ready to go. They release the second bull and he has other ideas. He is supposed to go straight into the next pen but takes a right turn. (For the sake of a visual I am in an open pen with a fence between me and all the animals except the horse and the bull when he is released.) When this bull turns right…he turned right in front of me in the open part of the pen that I am standing in! Actually it was no biggie, Jeff was there to turn him back around and away from me and well with my lightening quick reflexes I was already on the run for cover.
Finally the last bull is worked and I can get my ass out away from the horse and all the commotion and get back to my little grass patch. I really did enjoy myself playing around in there last night acting like I was doing something important instead of just watching my husband do his thing. The best part of the whole night was watching him do his thing and seeing how good he was at it and seeing the look of pure bliss on his face because he was doing his second favorite thing in the world. (The first thing he loves to do? Me!)

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I’ve never been one much for conspiracy theories but I think I have stumbled onto one. We have satellite internet at work. I recently received an email from our provider announcing a free modem upgrade. I checked it out but I read things wrong. The way I read it the first time I thought we not only had to pay the $25 shipping and handling (no big deal) but also had to upgrade our service plan.
We declined the offer.
Our internet has been running slower then a constipated monkey lately. Most days my computer is the only one that works and it will rarely load pages.
I finally went back and read the terms of the free upgrade yesterday and found that I did indeed read them wrong. We only have to extend our service commitment. I talked it over with my boss and we both agreed that we would have internet for another year so we might as well try the upgraded modem to see if that helps our shitty internet. This morning I signed up for the upgrade. It’s pouring down rain hard! My internet is zipping right along like nothing was ever wrong.

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