More Conversations….

Jeff had to make a trip up to Kansas. Dj decided she wanted to go along and talked him into letting her go. I knew I was messing up when I said she could go. First thing at the butt crack of dawn they call to wake me up. (Jeff does this every time he has to make a trip cause he knows my ass won’t be at work on time if he don’t. It’s never on time anyway when he is gone.)
Anywho, they call and are loud and rowdy! And everyone knows I don’t do mornings. Then they both start texting me. Back to back text until I get out of bed and finally get ready. I’m now at work and apparently they have too much time on their hands. Here is a conversation that started with me talking to Jeff and I guess he gave the phone to Dj at some point.
Me: Are you two getting along?
Them: Well mom don’t we always? We both pick on you that’s enough to get along right there.
Me: Ok, What I was trying to ask was this….Are ya’ll behaving yourselves?
Them: Why yes! Don’t we always.
Me: Sure, when your asleep and not having bad dreams
Them: Nawww Not us!
Me: Who are you and what have you don’t with my husband and daughter?
Them: You don’t wanna know.
Me: Your probably right!
Them: Some Mexican gave me twenty dolla’s for each of them. He wanted to make burritos out of them I think. He kept saying something about Taco Bell.
Me: I’m thinking he paid way to much for them.
Them: No! But Jeff has been going 90 since we left. We are gonna get stopped.
Me: Jeff always drives that fast.
Them: I noticed! He just made a turn goin 60!
Me: Tell him I said he better slow down. He has precious cargo.
Them: He knows! That’s why he has me wrapped in bubble wrap!
Me: You two are frigged in the head!

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  1. I knew those burritos tasted funny…

  2. You laugh but they were in your area when I got that text. LOL

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