Exposing A Liar And A Thief

I have never been an animal person. I’ve had a few dogs throughout my life that I really liked but I never had that deep down love that a lot of people have for their animals. I never had one that I considered my child, until now. Meet Bob. Bob was Jeff’s dog. I guess technically he still is but Bob likes me better. The little thief stole my heart.
When Jeff first moved in Bob of course came with him. I really didn’t have a problem with having a dog in my house as long as I didn’t have to take care of it. I found out that he really is a cool dog. Jeff informed me early on that Bob is a woman’s dog. He would probably listen to me better then him. Well, he was correct. There are many times that he can call him and he is ignored and I walk out and call him and he comes running.
We found out a week or so ago that Bob is an all out liar. He is a smart dog but a liar none the less. About a month ago Bob fell out of the truck as it was going down the road. (He may have jumped, we aren’t quite sure.) Either way when he landed he hurt his hip. He has been doing the three legged walk ever since. Jeff has babied him along not trying to make him jump up into the back of the truck. He bends over and picks him up and gently puts him in the truck each time.
A few days ago, Jeff wasn’t here so I had to get him into the back of the truck. I lowered the tail gate and before I could lean down and get him, he jumped right up in there. I don’t think Jeff believed me that he did it cause later, he picked him up again and put him in there. A day or so later I was going to prove to Jeff that Bob could jump up there. I lowered the tail gate and Bob stared at me. Then he sat down at Jeff’s feet and gave him a sad little, help me look. Jeff picked him up and put him in the truck. This was the drill each time I tried to get him to load up while Jeff was watching.
Then came the day that Bob messed up, Jeff and MFE were pulling in the driveway and Bob spotted a squirrel and tore off in a dead run trying to catch it. ON ALL FOUR LEGS! Jeff tried to get Bob to load up that day and the same drill happened; sit down, sad eyes, get picked up. We went somewhere that afternoon, Dj came with us. Before we left Jeff turned his back to the truck to talk to someone. I lowered the tail gate, Bob jumped right in as Jeff turned around! Jeff said a few choice words to Bob and got in the truck. As we were pulling away Dj leans over and whispers, “Bob has totally made Jeff his bitch!” Why yes Dj…yes he has!
And just for the cute factor…Meet Willie, Bob’s son.

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