The Day Before…

I’m really not trying to hold out on the wedding details. I am just waiting on the last of the pictures to get here.
Thursday before the wedding was spent getting Billie and Dj’s nails done and mine and Dj’s eyebrows done. (That shit hurt!) When we got back to the barn where Jeff was I was informed that everything I needed to do was done and the rest was up to Jeff and the guys. We waited around for my brother and nephew to arrive from Pennsylvania. They finally arrived and I was so excited I forgot to introduce them to anyone other then Jeff. Thursday night was more of a family thing just sitting around drinking and taking a few pictures.
Friday morning Jeff, and my brother (Frank) and I headed out to the barn at the butt crack of dawn. There was meat to be cut up. Then the men folk headed off to town to do some grocery shopping and I went to another friend’s house to pick out a hairstyle for the wedding. About 1:30 Robin came to pick me up and we went and got our nails done. It was really fun just being out those two days with the girls and doing girly things.
Friday evening was kinda special for me. I have had an “online friend” for about 10 years now. We live about 3 hours apart and have been near each other several times over the last 10 years but have never actually met. We have shared so many things over those 10 years and we know a lot about each other, except what we actually look like. That evening we finally met. Her and her sister came down for the wedding and we got a wee bit tipsy that night. We sat outside with Robin and my family and talked and watched the rain fall. She was supposed to get a lap dance but my boy chickened out on me! Gonna kick his ass for that later. I’m sorry Cristie I know I wasn’t much of a host while you were here. We will have to get together again sometime when I’m not quite so preoccupied.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have all the pictures and can post about the wedding. I know everyone is just dying to know if I fell coming down the aisle!

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