More Conversations….

Jeff had to make a trip up to Kansas. Dj decided she wanted to go along and talked him into letting her go. I knew I was messing up when I said she could go. First thing at the butt crack of dawn they call to wake me up. (Jeff does this every time he has to make a trip cause he knows my ass won’t be at work on time if he don’t. It’s never on time anyway when he is gone.)
Anywho, they call and are loud and rowdy! And everyone knows I don’t do mornings. Then they both start texting me. Back to back text until I get out of bed and finally get ready. I’m now at work and apparently they have too much time on their hands. Here is a conversation that started with me talking to Jeff and I guess he gave the phone to Dj at some point.
Me: Are you two getting along?
Them: Well mom don’t we always? We both pick on you that’s enough to get along right there.
Me: Ok, What I was trying to ask was this….Are ya’ll behaving yourselves?
Them: Why yes! Don’t we always.
Me: Sure, when your asleep and not having bad dreams
Them: Nawww Not us!
Me: Who are you and what have you don’t with my husband and daughter?
Them: You don’t wanna know.
Me: Your probably right!
Them: Some Mexican gave me twenty dolla’s for each of them. He wanted to make burritos out of them I think. He kept saying something about Taco Bell.
Me: I’m thinking he paid way to much for them.
Them: No! But Jeff has been going 90 since we left. We are gonna get stopped.
Me: Jeff always drives that fast.
Them: I noticed! He just made a turn goin 60!
Me: Tell him I said he better slow down. He has precious cargo.
Them: He knows! That’s why he has me wrapped in bubble wrap!
Me: You two are frigged in the head!

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Conversations In My House…

I could put this in context for you but just for shits and giggles I’m gonna leave it as it is:
Spoken to a 14 year old boy: “Get on your knees!!”

Last night we were about to watch a movie. I was up helping Dj do something and Jeff was in his chair watching the movie previews. I came up to the living room and this is the conversation that took place:
Him: Have you ever seen this movie?
Me: I’ve watched at it but have never really seen it?
Him: Well it’s good you should actually watch it sometime.
Me: It’s kinda like this, I work a full time job then come home and take care of my kids and HUSBAND so there isn’t much time to watch movies.
Him: (Looking all indigent) Well I can take care of that program!
Me: And just how are you gonna fix that?
Him: I don’t know but I will!
I moved over behind him and start picking at him.
Him: Will you go finish what you are doing so we can watch this!
Me: I’m done
Him: Good! Ummm honey?
Me: Yes?
Him: Will you fix me a glass of tea?

I love that man!

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Girl Power

I just got a voicemail. It was a wrong number. It was for a girl named Rachel and it was a notice that the Girl Power meeting has been canceled tonight due to bad weather. It has sprinkled here on and off all day today. Nothing really major has went on today nor is predicted for tonight. You go girls!

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The dash of our truck catches everything. I am rarely surprised at what I find on it. See that little white tube hiding up there. It’s been there since the wedding. My daughter is a girly girl and as such she always has hand lotion laying around everywhere. Until last Sunday I just assumed that tube was more of her lotion.
We got in the truck and she reached for it. The conversation went something like this:
Dj (turning towards us): Which one of you two needs the lube?
*Crickets Chirping*

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Exposing A Liar And A Thief

I have never been an animal person. I’ve had a few dogs throughout my life that I really liked but I never had that deep down love that a lot of people have for their animals. I never had one that I considered my child, until now. Meet Bob. Bob was Jeff’s dog. I guess technically he still is but Bob likes me better. The little thief stole my heart.
When Jeff first moved in Bob of course came with him. I really didn’t have a problem with having a dog in my house as long as I didn’t have to take care of it. I found out that he really is a cool dog. Jeff informed me early on that Bob is a woman’s dog. He would probably listen to me better then him. Well, he was correct. There are many times that he can call him and he is ignored and I walk out and call him and he comes running.
We found out a week or so ago that Bob is an all out liar. He is a smart dog but a liar none the less. About a month ago Bob fell out of the truck as it was going down the road. (He may have jumped, we aren’t quite sure.) Either way when he landed he hurt his hip. He has been doing the three legged walk ever since. Jeff has babied him along not trying to make him jump up into the back of the truck. He bends over and picks him up and gently puts him in the truck each time.
A few days ago, Jeff wasn’t here so I had to get him into the back of the truck. I lowered the tail gate and before I could lean down and get him, he jumped right up in there. I don’t think Jeff believed me that he did it cause later, he picked him up again and put him in there. A day or so later I was going to prove to Jeff that Bob could jump up there. I lowered the tail gate and Bob stared at me. Then he sat down at Jeff’s feet and gave him a sad little, help me look. Jeff picked him up and put him in the truck. This was the drill each time I tried to get him to load up while Jeff was watching.
Then came the day that Bob messed up, Jeff and MFE were pulling in the driveway and Bob spotted a squirrel and tore off in a dead run trying to catch it. ON ALL FOUR LEGS! Jeff tried to get Bob to load up that day and the same drill happened; sit down, sad eyes, get picked up. We went somewhere that afternoon, Dj came with us. Before we left Jeff turned his back to the truck to talk to someone. I lowered the tail gate, Bob jumped right in as Jeff turned around! Jeff said a few choice words to Bob and got in the truck. As we were pulling away Dj leans over and whispers, “Bob has totally made Jeff his bitch!” Why yes Dj…yes he has!
And just for the cute factor…Meet Willie, Bob’s son.

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See What I Live With?

Jeff dips snuff. When we are driving down the road he will just roll the window down when he is done with it and thump it out the window. Sunday as we were driving along he was talking and not paying attention. As soon as he flung it we heard a *thump*. Yeah…he completely nailed the window of a truck that was passing us in the other lane. Funniest damn thing to happen all day!
Dj: When will you be home?
Me: I’ll be there when I get there.
Dj: No you’ll be here before you get here!
Me: You callin me fat?
Dj: It’s about time you get it fat ass!
Me: Ok which one do you want to be today the pot or the kettle?
Dj: I’ll be the pot.
Me: I totally knew you were gonna say that!
Dj: You are causing me serious psychological harm!

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I have been married for a week now. Over the course of the last week I have been asked several times “So, how does it feel to be married?” I don’t usually answer with the first word that pops into my head because I haven’t had the time to analyze why that word kept popping up. I answered truthfully each time and said it felt great. That word that kept popping into my head was different.
We took a small trip yesterday and I had time to sit and just think about things. This is my second marriage. With both of them I lived with my husband for awhile before I married them. With my first I lived with him 12 years and with Jeff we lived together 3 months. When my ex and I got married it was just a run to the court house and it was done. He went to work that night and I did my normal thing at home. It was pretty much same shit different day.
Immediately after marrying Jeff I felt different. It felt good but different. I sat down with myself yesterday and I figured it out. I am finally where I belong. We all want to belong and in a sense I have always belonged somewhere but, never totally belonged where I was.
I have a few friends. I am very picky about who I call friend and who I let truly into my world. I have always belonged with these people. They were my friends before marriage and will be my friends during my marriage. I belong with them. But, something still wasn’t quite all there.
There is my family. I don’t talk to all of my family. There are just a few that I actually let get close to me. Maybe it’s because I have always felt I don’t belong with them? I don’t really know the answer to that but even they don’t always get the “real” me. They get the watered down version that is just easiest to give them.
Now, I am a part of something. I am where I am meant to be. I don’t have any doubts in my mind at all when it concerns who I am meant to spend the rest of my life with. I belong with him. We belong together. We are a part of something that belongs to just us. I am content.
I realized this yesterday because this trip we went on took us to a part of his past. Before we were married when something came up I got a small twinge of jealousy (nothing I couldn’t put into check real quick) or maybe it was insecurity. I felt none of that yesterday. I felt safe.

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The Day Before…

I’m really not trying to hold out on the wedding details. I am just waiting on the last of the pictures to get here.
Thursday before the wedding was spent getting Billie and Dj’s nails done and mine and Dj’s eyebrows done. (That shit hurt!) When we got back to the barn where Jeff was I was informed that everything I needed to do was done and the rest was up to Jeff and the guys. We waited around for my brother and nephew to arrive from Pennsylvania. They finally arrived and I was so excited I forgot to introduce them to anyone other then Jeff. Thursday night was more of a family thing just sitting around drinking and taking a few pictures.
Friday morning Jeff, and my brother (Frank) and I headed out to the barn at the butt crack of dawn. There was meat to be cut up. Then the men folk headed off to town to do some grocery shopping and I went to another friend’s house to pick out a hairstyle for the wedding. About 1:30 Robin came to pick me up and we went and got our nails done. It was really fun just being out those two days with the girls and doing girly things.
Friday evening was kinda special for me. I have had an “online friend” for about 10 years now. We live about 3 hours apart and have been near each other several times over the last 10 years but have never actually met. We have shared so many things over those 10 years and we know a lot about each other, except what we actually look like. That evening we finally met. Her and her sister came down for the wedding and we got a wee bit tipsy that night. We sat outside with Robin and my family and talked and watched the rain fall. She was supposed to get a lap dance but my boy chickened out on me! Gonna kick his ass for that later. I’m sorry Cristie I know I wasn’t much of a host while you were here. We will have to get together again sometime when I’m not quite so preoccupied.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have all the pictures and can post about the wedding. I know everyone is just dying to know if I fell coming down the aisle!

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A Couple Of Pictures

I don’t have much time to tell about the wedding but I wanted to post a couple pictures that have me tickled.
This one looks like the guys are either trying to tell him he still have time to run or trying to keep him from running.

But, I have no worries cause my girls have my back. Robin is keeping an eye on the guys while Billie makes sure there is no clear path for him to bolt thru!
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