Tag! I’m It!

Write a blog entry about it as well as state this rule. At the end you choose 6 others to be tagged. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that says “TAG…You’re IT” and to read your blog for rules.

List 5 things in my bedroom. (Avoid the obvious like “bed”)
Clothes – My room seems to be a breeding ground for all clothes.
2 TV’s – Neither of them currently work but they are both there.
A Man – I didn’t even have to blow him up!
Yarn – I’m an addict collector.
Trash – Well, because I’m a slob!

List 4 things I like about myself
I finally know who I am and what I want and I’m comfortable with me.
I have found my voice and I don’t have much trouble telling people what I think anymore.
I love all my little quirks. They are what makes me who I am.
I love my sense of humor!

List 3 of my favorite pastimes (in no particular order)
Surfing the net

List 2 of my favorite quotes:
We don’t have NO CRUNCHY!!
May your life be like toilet paper… Long and Useful!

I tag everyone that lurks but doesn’t comment. Let me know where to find you!

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