Does This Make It Premeditated?

For several months now I have worked with a man that I really don’t care much for. We will call him Dick. From the start of him working here, whenever he is in the office I get nauseated. I mean there have been times that if he would have been in this office for a few minutes longer I literally would have thrown up. He hit on me a few times and I was always quick to shoot him down. The bosses loved to pick on me about him being my next best thing. I found something out about him not long ago that has made my distaste for him even greater and it makes it even harder for me to remain professional when I talk to him. If Dick doesn’t start to watch himself quickly, we will be attending his funeral.
The other day he came in and I was talking to one of the bosses, and Jeff. Dick walks in whining about some part he needed for his truck. The conversation went kind of like this.
Dick: I need blah blah blah for my truck.
The Boss: Let me introduce you to the closet. (Parts are kept in a closet)
Dick: (as he follows boss) Well, maybe I can get Jennifer to come to the closet with me.
At this point, had we been anywhere else besides work, Dick would have been dead because Jeff was not at all happy about the comment. I get Jeff pulled off the ceiling because well I don’t want Jeff to go to jail for a murder that I wish to commit.
Lately Dick has gotten very argumentative. If I tell him the sky is blue he will argue that it is purple. This pisses me off to no end!
When MFE is out of the office, I am usually in charge of the phones. I am left very strict, detailed information about what each guy is supposed to do. If a problem arises I can always call either one of the bosses and they tell me how to handle it. I am always given detailed information on how to handle it. What I’m trying to say is this: I don’t just pull stuff out of my ass to tell these guys!
A problem just occurred and I called MFE to let him know what was up and he told me exactly how to handle it. I start making some calls, everything works out perfect. I call Dick back to give him new instructions and he starts to argue with me over it. Because obviously, I’m the dumbass!
I’ve said all this just to ask this question: Does anyone know if Oklahoma allows conjugal visits? At the rate he is going, and given my current state of hormone imbalance I am going to rip his ever lovin vocal chords out!
**Update** The bosses made him call and apologize to me.

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