Doing It Anyway

I decided I have to purge this crap from my brain even if it doesn’t make sense.

  • My soon to be husband is such a great guy. I have been feeling a bit violent today and I’m not sure why exactly. No one has done anything to me to make me feel this way. I just want to rip someone’s head off. Anyway… he asked me to quit keeping these feelings bottled up and just talk to him when I’m freaking out over something. So I shared with him how I feel today. He told me I could get after him if I needed to. Bad thing is…he isn’t getting on my nerves so I can’t make myself take it out on him.
  • I think truck drivers are cool people. They will do anything for anyone unless you piss them off. Then they really could care less what happens to you. Anyway…why do so many of them have to stink? They are shut up in those little cabs for days…can they not smell themselves?
  • I have a really big urge to take a can of spray paint and write on a wall or a water tower. Or I might just settle for a sharpie and a bathroom stall. Although I haven’t thought of anything really cool I want to write. I am gonna put that on my to – do list for the weekend.
  • MFE is planning on throwing Jeff a bachelor party. I don’t have a problem with this except he wants to do it the night before the wedding. In Oklahoma City. I told him he could do it two days before the wedding but not the night before.
  • Do you ever just feel lost?
  • Most of my friends are going thru some sort of self discovery thing. I say some sort because each are on a different level of discovery and each for different reasons. As everyone that reads this knows I have been working on my own path for quite some time now and have made some great finds about myself and have worked on several major areas that really needed worked on. I really wish there was something I could offer all of you that are on your journey. I wish I could make these realizations for you. I wish I could say at least one thing to make it easier for you. But, I can’t… the best I can do is offer you an ear when you need it and a gentle push when you try and back away. (This is the thought that kept me up most of the night.)
  • The wedding is really starting to get real to me now. Not because of the flower shopping, or the clothes shopping, or the cake picking out. But it’s mostly because the family is starting to say they are coming in. My brother and my nephew are confirmed coming in. I can’t wait to see them! I have only ever seen my nephew once and he was only a year old then.
    Since I don’t have to work tomorrow I plan on sleeping in and crocheting a lot. I have a blanket that I have a month to finish so I gotta get to work on it quick. I am hoping that working on it will help get my ass in check!

Now, I feel a bit better. Thanks!

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