Jeff and Jennifer (Part 2)

After that day we talked several times just me and him about nothing in particular. Still I kept my mouth shut and so did he. If you remember back I posted about someone pissing me off by making a comment about all my kids belong to the same woman… yeah, it was him. I knew what he was trying to say to me but it still flew all over me when he said it.
On December 30 MFE sent me a text saying Jeff needs a ride. So what the hell I go get Jeff and bring him back to the house to hang out with me and the kids. We went down to Robin’s house cause I had a few things I needed to finish up that I had just dropped to go pick him up. The kids went to our house for a few minutes. As we were walking in to Robin’s he just stopped and turned around and kissed me. Here’s where I go all girl: Right then and there I knew he was the one for me. I knew it would turn into more then just a roll in the hay.
I didn’t realize I would be marrying him in a few months but I figured this would be my semi – serious relationship I had promised myself would happen this year. As soon as we made it into the house I immediately went to the computer and deleted any profile I had on any dating site. My kids kinda fell for him quick too. That was scary for me because they never like anyone. They had always been my fall back when I knew I wanted to run from a guy.
Now everything hasn’t been peaches and cream. We did have a few rocky times but that’s to be expected. But, we dealt with them together and got thru it. I know this has been quick but it feels right. I don’t want to imagine life without him now that I have him. Some days it’s really weird because he can read me very well. He won’t let me get away with saying nothing if he asks me what’s wrong. He knows there is something wrong even if I’m not acting like it. But, he also gives me the time to work it out on my own before he “pounces” me about it. When he’s around I’m not as spastic as I have always been. He calms me and I’m not all over the charts.
I realized not long ago that my marriage to my ex husband was doomed from the start. I never felt for him the way I feel about Jeff. I have also realized that it was a good thing we never met when MFE first started talking about it. I was a different person then and I probably wouldn’t have realized he was meant for me. I know this but I am still amazed at the fact I was adamant that he was the one I wanted to meet instead of Brian. He is so far removed from any man I have ever dated or been attracted to before. Almost complete opposites. But he embodies everything I have ever wanted/needed in a man.
So on March 31 at 4:00 pm I will marry him. He keeps asking me if I’ve had second thoughts or want to run but for once in my life I am very clear on what I want and I am not a bit nervous about becoming his wife. There is nothing in this world that I want to do more! To MFE (cause I know you’ll read this) you did good…thanks for having my back!

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