Jeff and Jennifer (Part 1)

Several months ago MFE went riding horses with a couple single friends. Apparently one of them during the course of this ride had mentioned finding “decent” women around here. MFE told me he thought of me and wanted to introduce me to them. (Yeah I know…I was shocked too!) He told me about Brian and showed me a picture of Jeff.
Throughout the next week MFE talked about the guys on and off. At one point he told me I would probably like Jeff better but he was gonna hook me up with Brian. Not sure why but that was his plan. I had plans to go out Friday night so MFE told me to stop by the sale barn on my way and he would introduce me and Robin. Well, I kinda messed around getting ready and MFE had already left the sale barn by the time I got up there. Jeff and Brian were supposed to still be there but I wasn’t gonna stop and just walk up to random guys introducing myself.
Some time during the next week MFE gave Brian my phone number. He never called me. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I wanted to meet Jeff. I’m not entirely sure why but I really wasn’t into meeting Brian. All the next week MFE called Brian (on speaker phone) and gave him hell about chickening out with me. I finally told him that I didn’t want to meet him cause I wouldn’t go out with anyone that lacked the balls to step up to me.
All was forgotten until a few months later when I get a call from MFE. He said “Make sure your dressed nice and wearing make up when you come to work tomorrow; I have a surprise for you.” I was a little leery because sometimes his surprises aren’t always good but, I wasn’t going to take any chances. I got up and made sure I had make up on. I walk in and there sat Jeff. I didn’t hear wedding bells or anything like that but I did think he was nice looking and very polite and I liked him. We didn’t talk a whole lot the first couple of days other then good morning and we picked at each other from time to time.
One day I went outside to smoke. Normally I will go out and smoke half and then come back in. I was standing there smoking and Jeff rode up on his horse. We started picking at each other and talked a little about horses. I ended up standing out there and smoking two. It was that day that I KNEW without a doubt I would have him in some way, shape, form or fashion. I handled him differently for some reason. Normally I would be very vocal about what my intentions were. This time I just sat back and kept my mouth shut. I was biding my time until it was the right time I guess.
To be continued…..

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