I Got Gas

  • I was going to post today about the kick in the ass I got Saturday but I decided I need to keep that conversation for myself for now. It was what I needed and I have jumped off the emotional roller coaster I was riding last week.
  • Week before last my car died a horrible death. It’s got a cracked head. I still owe on the damn thing. If anyone wants to buy it off of me let me know. You will spend way too much for a car that has only had one oil change in the year that I have had it. It’s a two door and neither door opens from the outside. If you have a small kid, they can get in thru the trunk and let you in.
  • The following statement from almost two years ago keeps running around and around in my head today: “Are you having tissue issues? Did you know there is a ring of debris around Uranus?”
  • This has been a very weird weekend.
  • I have decided that I am lacking some serious “girl genes”. I’m not really upset that I don’t have them but right now they would really come in handy. I have a wedding in 5 weeks, so far my only contribution has been “Orange is my favorite color.”
  • When asked if anyone objects to me and Jeff getting married my daughter wants to stand and yell “I object!” I told her she could just cause I have always wanted to do it myself.
  • I tried to convince Jeff that it would be fun to get married on April Fool’s Day. He ain’t goin for it.
  • My almost 80 year old grandmother told me yesterday that she isn’t getting any nookie cause her 85 year old live in is having problems “down there”.
  • We went out Saturday night and drank for free all night and then came home with $20.48 more then what we went out there with. We always sit near the bar. Every time someone came close I said “Can I have a dollar?” Everyone that I asked gave me one, some two, one person gave me $5. I was asked what my name was and I made him give me $1 for me to tell him.
  • I couldn’t think of a title for this.
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