And We Shall Call It Squishy

  • 5 points for knowing where that title came from. (Billie you get bonus points cause I already know you know it.)
  • Is it weird that there are five songs that turn me on? Is it really weird that 2 of them have nothing to do with sex?
  • I feel bad for my Grandma right now. She has been mourning the lose of a dear friend for a couple weeks ago. Her stove. She bought it in 1954. She has called me a couple times about it and now she is really starting to worry me.
  • Last night was a way cool night. I have been sworn to secrecy about why it was a way cool night. (If you text me…I’ll tell ya! Shhhhh)
  • I’m at work…my bra just snapped in half. I’m blaming it on Robin cause her and I just talked about her being here and her bra busting.
  • Me and Robin have been talking about taking J out this weekend, I wonder if he is ready for it?
    I’m hungry.
  • Does anyone else find it as funny as I do that when I called to get my birth control and annual coochie tune up appointment that they set it for Valentine’s Day?
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