Busting Bubbles

Why do men always have to bust our bubbles? The heater in my car went out a couple days ago. On the way to work yesterday I had a Eureaka moment and figured out how to fix it. It wasn’t a quick fix but on my way home from the store it suddenly came on and worked. I was so excited and full of myself that I sent J a text. Here is our conversation in full:
Me: I am so freakin awesome! I fixed my heater!!
J: You put water in the car?
Me: Uhhh yeah
I skeeved this from Robin cause I’m sure ya’ll don’t want to hear all the mushy stuff goin on in my brain right now. LOL
Let’s Play 40 Questions:
1. Are you wearing a necklace? Yes
2. Does your computer have a mouse? Yes
3. Are you wearing socks? Nope…I like to let my feet run naked
4. What color is your shirt? Maroon
5. How many bedrooms do you have in your house? 3
6. What are you listening to? You Can Do It – Ice Cube
7. What was the last mall you’ve been to? Grapevine Mall
8. Are you alone? Nope, I’m at work…alone
9. Do you have any older siblings? One
10. What is the last thing you ate? Spaghetti
11. Who was the last person to come over to your house? Robin
12. Who was the last person to call you? Adam
13. Who was the last person to text you? Jeff
14. What should you be doing? Mileage
15. Who is the last person who IMed you? Robin
16. What are you thinking right now? I should be posting something more interesting
17. What color are your pants? Blue
18. What color is your keyboard? Grey
19. What do you feel like eating/drinking? Chocolate Ice Cream/Tea
20. What are you doing right now? Answering questions and discussing the merits of me gaining 500 lbs and wearing a string bikini with J
21. Are you bored? No…not especially
22. How many teeth do you have? One that actually grew there/ full set if you count the ones I bought
23. Do you wear glasses? Supposed to but rarely do
24. What color are your shoes? Not wearing any
25. Last thing you drank? Tea
26. What are you doing today? Working
27. What are the last words you said? You men never fucking listen to me!
28. Do you have clothes on? Yeah….I can get away with a lot of things at work but being naked probably ain’t one of them.
29. Funniest part about today? Arguing with MFE and J this morning
30. Worst part about today? Not being at home in bed
31. Do you like llamas? I am all about the llamas! I’m llama luvin!
32. Do you have a cut on your pointer finger? No but I have a scar
33. Where is your cell phone? Right beside me
34. Do you have any friends named Robbie? Sort of…I call her that sometimes
35. Do you have any friends named Nikki? I used to
36. Do you have any friends named Mary? One of my favorite aunt’s name is Mary and I do consider her a friend
37. Do you have a friend named Hayley? There again…I used to
38. What were you doing last night? Can’t tell ya!
39. Have you ever been in love? Yes
40. Whens the last time you went on a roller coaster? A couple years ago

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