Last Week…

I’m sorry…I really didn’t mean to leave y’all hanging that long. It’s just been a busy, fun, cool week. So without further ado, here is my week in review… (hey that rhymed!)
Friday – I worked and then went home and played on the computer and didn’t do much of anything else.
Saturday – I played on the computer and listened to the kids whine because they were ready to go to Wal Mart all day and I refused to take them until that evening. I got a text from the man who’s name I can not say on this blog (We will call him MFE for the sake of this blog) telling me J is single and needs you to come get him. We go back and forth at each other a bit and then I talk to J and I go get him. (Background on who J is in case the parentals read this: J is someone MFE talked about setting me up with awhile back. It didn’t happen and then he started working where I work)
Sunday – I got woke up at the butt crack of dawn to take J back to his truck and then I just worked and slept all day so I could be ready for the big party Sunday night. I have to say it was the most awesome birthday party I have ever had! I had balloons, beer, boobs, beer, spongebob, beer, crown, beer, chocolate cake, beer, presents, beer. The night also included a kiss at midnight from a little cutie. Robin and I were just discussing the fact that we might have to just give in and kiss each other when out of the blue a guy came and stood by her and one came and stood by me. Midnight hit and it was on! Not sure if I mentioned this or not but there was some drinking involved in our night. At the end of the night Robin and I made it to the motel and staggered in. (We were trying to keep us out of jail so we spent the night in the motel instead of going all the way home…quite responsible of us, huh?) Robin didn’t put out so I started my new year with a kiss from a cutie and no sex.
Monday – We woke up around 9:30 and made our way back to her house where we watched tv and slept until J got there. Then we just had fun bullshitting with the kids until it was time for me to go pick up my kids. J and I loaded up and went and got them then continued to bullshit with the kids. I went to bed…with a man.
Tuesday – I woke up…with a man. Went to work…came home. I went to bed…with a man.
Wednesday – I woke up…with a man. Went to work…came home. I went to bed…with a man.
Thursday – I woke up…with a man. Went to work…came home. I went to bed…with a man.
Friday – I woke up…with a man. Went to work and here I sit posting this message. The kids go to their dad’s this weekend. I don’t think I’m gonna do much but maybe clean my house. Robin is sick…really sick. I will probably go down and see her tonight and let my little sparkling personality cheer her up a bit.
I want to say a big ol honkin THANK YOU to everyone who made my birthday so great. Mike and Evie I love those candles! My bedroom smells all chocolately. (If I get fat now I have someone to blame it on!) Billie and Robin…not much I can say that I haven’t said already but I will say this…I love y’all and thank God every day that I have you!

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