Yup as it would appear…you are stuck with more random crap from the recesses of my brain. 🙂

  • Last Saturday around lunch I sent Billie a text asking her for my very own elf for Christmas that would run up to the cafe and get me some food. Then I got online and I had a message from her telling me to check under my tree. She had already given me an elf early that morning. Weird!
  • I just got a marriage proposal of sorts.
  • All my life, in every house I have lived in, my bathrooms have always been blue. I hate that. I decided that I am going to decorate my bathroom red and gold now.
  • A few people have been analyzing me lately. (I really don’t mind that. It’s the “save me” people that bother me. ) Anyway, the folks analyzing me don’t really bother me because well a lot of times they bring things to my attention that I haven’t noticed. Some of them I really do listen to and want to deal with. Last night I was laying in bed and came to the realization that if I “fix” the things that are wrong with me I will no longer be me. I might be really frigged up but my friggeduppedness is what makes me…well me! If I change very many things I will become a Stepford Wife…without the husband.
  • I STILL haven’t finished my Christmas shopping.
  • For Christmas I got my boss a 6 pack of Corona and a boob that I bought from a Mexican standing on the side of the road.
  • I tried to say Howdy to someone today and it came out Hellody! I think I am gonna keep that.
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