My Daughter…The Mathematician

After reading this conversation I had last night with my daughter, I’m going to be hard pressed to convince anyone that she is a straight A student. She is taking not one but two math classes this year; Algebra and Financial Math, she currently has an A in both of these.
Her: Mom, take me to the store.
Me: Can’t. I only have $10 for the rest of the week and I need gas.
Her: Well, I only want $4 so that leaves you with $6 for gas.
Me: That will only get me to work and back one day.
Her: Well then the rest isn’t going to matter cause it will only get you to work and back and then half way home.
Me: It will get me there and back and then back there again.
Her: No it won’t it will only get you half way back.
Me: Dj, baby, $3 to get me there, $3 to get me back home, $3 to get me back to work.
Her: But mom the extra $4 isn’t going to make a difference.
Me: Dj? $3 to get there, $3 to get…
Her: But…(little light bulb moment) Oh!…Can I pluck your eye brows?
This conversation took place AFTER she tried for 15 minutes to convince me she has more common sense then all her friends. I’m kind of scared now that this is the child that will most likely pick out my nursing home.
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