Rant…Filled With Love

I was reading Billie’s blog yesterday. Not a lot of people know, or maybe they do, that Bill is not only my best friend but for the past 15 years she has been my niece. Which pretty much means I have a vested interest in her and her offspring. That kid ^ up there. That’s her daughter, Mindy. Or Mindyfer as I like to call her, or Minty Donut, or Mini or whatever comes to mind at the time.
I have a few things I would like to say to her “family”. I use that term loosely when talking about these people because for the most part they have been nothing more then a source of heartache for her. I’m talking about her father and her grandmother. All I have to say to him is Fuck you Scottie for ever putting a frown on that little girl’s face. Fuck you for thinking all it took to be a daddy is an annual visit filled with big promises. Fuck you grandma and your recycled Christmas cards and your massive guilt trips because she doesn’t want to come to your house and be your little slave. (My grandmother that freely admitted that she hated me was even able to go buy me $1 card every year.)
You know the two of you really screwed up. You will never know that little girl the way I do. You will never know what it’s like to watch her excited to tell you the story of what happened during her day. You will never understand her wit and humor. Eventually she is going to grow tired of your cat and mouse game and cut you loose completely.
We are the family she knows she can count on no matter what the problem is. We are the ones she runs to with hugs and kisses and I love yous. We are the ones that she will come to when she needs her spirits lifted. We are the ones she will come to with all her triumphs. And We will NOT be the ones left sitting around wondering why she wants nothing to do with us.
I guess I do owe you a bit of a thank you. You did help make it possible for her to be in my life. And since you did do “your part” I know that every time I see her I will hear the excited sound of JENNYFER!!! and get a big hug from her. Thank you for that. But for everything else all I have to say is this…..

And have a nice day!
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