Completely Random

  • I got rid of the Harley blanket today. It kinda feels good to let it go. It has been with me thru a lot these last two years. It’s been waiting very patiently for me to finish it. I don’t know why with this particular blanket I have had such a hard time finishing it. It is the first thing I felt like crocheting after my divorce. I threw away everything I was working on at the time of my divorce and didn’t start anything new for months. I finally decided to make that one. I finished the actual blanket in a couple weeks but never tied up the loose ends on it. Now I finally have and can close the door on that chapter of my life.
  • Someone said something to me the other day that kinda pissed me off. I know he didn’t mean anything towards me by it but it still got to me. We were talking about how many kids we had and he said he has 4. I said me too. A bit later he said all mine have the same mom. I just said well all mine have the same dad. This kind of thing has always pissed me off. I hate being asked do your kids have the same dad? Well, you know, mine do happen to have the same dad but so what if they didn’t? Does that make me a whore for them having different dads? I think at 34 years of age it’s safe to assume I have slept with at least 4 different guys. So what difference would it make if each of those 4 guys had fathered one of the kids? I’m still not a whore, I’m just not careful. LOL I have friends that their children do have different dads. There again…that doesn’t make them whores. They are still the same great people they were before I knew their kids had different dads. I think when asked about the status of my baby daddies the next time I will just simply say that is for me and the child support agency to know. 🙂
  • I have a present for one of you folks that actually read this. I’m not telling who it’s for but if all of you feel the need to grovel at my feet and kiss a little ass until I reveal who it’s for I won’t stop you.
  • The swelling is finally going down. But, it’s really really hurting today.
  • My youngest son lives with his dad. After we got a divorce Dylan decided to move in with him because “Mom, a boy my age just needs male direction in his life.” He called me the other night and told me that he might move back in with me over Christmas break. I’m so excited! He said: “It’s a big might, Mom.” I said: “Mites are on a chicken’s ass.” He said: “Well this chicken has a big ass.” I couldn’t get on to him for saying it cause it was too damn funny!
  • I have decided that I DO have multiple personalities. I have met a few of them and damn it! I like all of them so far.
  • On the dating site that I go to, I got an email from a guy that basically called me a crank whore and said I needed to get a job and a life. After a few emails back and forth it ended with him telling me how beautiful I am. I was very nice to him and didn’t put the smackdown on him like I normally would. I can’t be a crank whore cause I’d probably be a little happier if I had drugs and sex regularly. 🙂
  • I have decided to give up sex for awhile. I’ll maybe explain that in a later post but it stems from a question Robin asked me the other day. I still need to completely get my thoughts in order so I can explain the why of it
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