My Painful Weekend

Robin and I haven’t been out in a long time. Mostly because we were burnt out on the whole thing but then me going to jail made me a bit timid so I started doing the good girl thing for awhile. Yeah that lasted about 2 weeks.
Friday night was pretty cool. It was actually a pretty full night. I got groped at 12:15 because someone was told that on Friday nights that is what time I like to be groped. The clock hit 12:15 and that boy went after them like a fat kid after cake! Wasn’t the best but was certainly the first in awhile.
After the bar closed we headed home alone, or so we thought. I got a little held up just before I made it home by a cop. Yeah I got stopped again. This time it wasn’t so bad. Robin’s tag light was out and fortunately for me the cop that stopped us was one that I mentioned before. He is one of the cops that I flashed a few times. He just told me to get my ass home and get that light fixed. I pulled up at the house and there was a truck parked in my spot. It was my dart playing nemesis. I love playing with him but damn he pisses me off!
We played for hours! He spanked my ass…AGAIN!!! Sooner or later I am gonna say that I refuse to play with him anymore and actually mean it. When I play darts two things occur; I turn into a sore loser and an even worse winner and I play for hours and my right knee swells up. When my right one starts swelling I over compensate with my left leg. (This is useful information here in a minute.)
Saturday was spent pretty much just laying around the house enjoying what little bit of sleep I could get. We went back out Saturday night and it was just almost as much fun. After being there an hour or two a pool ball went flying across the floor. I jumped up to get it and the messed up knees just kinda gave out on me and I hit the freakin floor. And no, I wasn’t graceful enough to save my beer. A little cutie came and helped me up and I firmly planted my ass back on my stool and stayed put. (Yeah I’m gonna leave that lie but we all know it’s a lie) My great friend Rob…yeah once again she just laughed at me. I guess that was about the biggest moment of my night except for when that little hottie that helped me up went to rubbing my back later and well he kisses decent too.
Sunday was spent with me and the kid doing some visiting that she has been wanting to do. We were on the go all day long but it was a pretty good day. We got home and both of us just went straight to bed. My knees are still swollen and hurting bad but hopefully they will be fixed and ready to go again this weekend if I should decide I want to go out again.
***Side note to the girls…I have just almost decided to revive the project. This time it’s original rules with no changing mid way. I think I might have already revived it and not realized it until it was too late. Just needed you to know that. ***

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