Stir Crazy

I wish I had some awesome stories to tell of my week alone. But, unfortunately the dog and cat made me promise to keep quiet about the parties. Apparently Robin gets upset when they get jiggy with it. So, here is the story that you get:
Wednesday I worked my ass off and crocheted quite a bit. I pretty much watched movies all day while I worked and crocheted. About 1 am I dyed my hair orange. You can’t really tell just how bright it is by the picture. But, trust me, it’s damn bright!
Thursday I sat around in my T shirt eating donuts and pizza rolls. Did some more work, some more crocheting and watching more tv. My daughter chewed my ass a bit because I didn’t go eat with my ex husband’s family. I was invited but didn’t feel like it would be very comfortable for his new wife. I’ll go see the family soon. I miss them a lot.
Yesterday was spent pretty much the same way except I shook it up a bit by playing with my camera. I’m restless as hell and want to just get out and go. Due to my recent incarceration I’m a wee bit on the timid side right now. So, I will just sit here until Robin gets home tomorrow doing my thing then I will talk her damn ear off. And I promise Shiloh and Kitty that I will not spill the beans about the hula dancer!
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