Because It’s All About ME!

The past few weeks I have been a bit introspective so I thought doing this would be easy. Turns out it was harder to come up with 100 things then I thought it would be.
100 Things
I have a serious Popsicle addiction.
I love ice cream almost as much.
I think people that only eat vanilla are weird.
I have sampled all the flavors at Baskin Robbins at one time and then not purchased anything because I was full.
I talk in my sleep.
And I walk occasionally too.
I also snore. (I am a real bitch to sleep with)
I have a serious aversion to my hair being all one color.
I have been known to change the color of the streaks in my hair every week.
My hair has been completely purple, blue and red and streaked those and many more colors. (Not all at one time.)
I have an affinity for truck drivers.
I think more like a man then I do a woman.
If I was a man I would be gay.
Odd people amuse me.
Stupid people annoy me.
Smart people stimulate me.
Hot guys make me horny.
I have a potty mouth.
I can’t say or hear the word potty without giggling.
I want a man that will do anything I tell him to do.
I need a man that is smart enough to know that I would never respect him if he did.
I am very uncomfortable being the center of attention.
It is very hard for me to accept compliments.
I think if I ignore problems they will go away.
I am usually wrong about that.
I am mostly non violent.
Smashing up a car with a baseball bat is on my top 10 to-do list before I die.
I used to have a suspended driver’s license.
I also had three bench warrants.
I’m not a bad person…I just couldn’t afford to pay the tickets .
When I eat a sandwich I always eat the crust off of it first.
If by chance I have two…I eat the crust off both of them before eating either of them.
I have two piercings.
I have one tattoo.
I want one more of each.
I have an extensive vocabulary.
I love to whip out big words on stupid people.
I have a sick sense of humor.
I love getting advice from my boss.
I love fighting with my boss because he is good at arguing.
My boss is one of the very few people that have left me speechless in an argument.
I once took the week long training course to sell vacuum cleaners door to door because I was bored.
I think immediately is a fun word to say.
If I am asked a direct question I can not lie.
If I do manage to spit out a lie…five minutes later I will tell you that I just lied.
Other then my kids, there are only 5 people in this entire world that I really care what they think about me.
I would die to save any one of them.
I mean that with all my heart.
Almost all of them know that.
One of them wouldn’t believe me unless I showed him.
My mind sometimes scares me.
I have a lot of devious thoughts.
I only act on them when someone hurts my feelings.
My favorite color is Orange.
I always have something to drink near me.
It is usually sweet tea.
I love to drink Southern Comfort.
I prefer it to be straight.
Those are the only three things I can say exactly what my favorite is.
I love to dance.
I think I’m fairly good at it even when I’m not drunk.
I have a warped sense of right and wrong.
I am afraid of geese.
I hate having my picture taken.
But I love to stand in front of the mirror and take my own pictures.
My brother once hit me in the head with an ax.
He also tried to push me down a flight of stairs.
I hit him with a refrigerator door.
I really do love my brother.
I always forget to put gas in my car until it’s too late.
I am not a morning person.
I am a very lazy person.
I love to crochet but usually only do it in the winter.
I never sell the things I make.
I just give it all away.
I have a yarn addiction.
I would love to go to a yarn store and wallow in a big pile of yarn.
Billie and I want to start our own yarn shop.
If someone tries to make me talk to them, I clam up. Can’t make myself say a word.
I make it a regular practice to tell everyone I love that I love them.
It scares the hell out of me to think that a man will someday say he loves me and mean it.
I’m scared of heights.
I got drunk once and danced around a water tower.
I slept on a sidewalk once cause no one would take me home.
I was four hours away from home.
I flashed my boobs at a couple cops.
More then once.
I am very disorganized.
I can usually find my things pretty easily though.
I have a short attention span.
I am very easily sidetracked.
I am easily amused.
I can NOT tell myself no.
I am a sucker for men with accents.
I love to say things just to see the look on some one’s face.
Once when I was 8 months pregnant someone asked when my baby was due. I told her flatly that I wasn’t pregnant and walked out the door in a huff.
I loved every minute of being pregnant.
Perky people frighten me.
I will not go swimming because I hate to wear bathing suits.
After writing this I now know why I am such a freak magnet.

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